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This being my first ever tag on a post thank you @Erica and  host of link Major Love of Film I am a little well nervous but here goes…….. Who do I respect and how do I show it? For me I like to think that I respect everyone, now lower those eyebrows and I will tell you. When I first meet someone whether in the real world or the virtual would why wouldn’t I respect them. I would have no reason not to so I naturally do and with that I well mostly get respect back. Respect and admiration sometimes gets confused, for me respect is to take into account other people feelings I guess to treat them well how I would like to be treated so in return again mostly I get … Read entire article »

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A little Spring cleaning

Click here to read my review The thing with Spring cleaning is when the Spring comes it really is too nice to be indoors, hence my slightly late Spring cleaning post. To me Spring cleaning is just a little bit more than the usual day to day cleaning, so rather than just have a big day of cleaning (oh the thought of that!) I thought I would hunt out a few things that would make your general cleaning a bit easier and less work rather than wasting a perfectly good Spring day or two, well just cleaning. I would admit not to be the tidiest of people but I would count myself as having a clean (ish!) house. Not that I haven’t tried to improve myself, my bookshelf holds books like ‘How clean is … Read entire article »

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Anzac Day

Today is Anzac day which is the time Australians and New Zealanders remember the people who served and died in all wars and peace keeping operations. It marks the anniversary of the first major action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. At a personal level I wish we would learn from the losses of war and really think whether fighting is the answer. I know today many celebrate this day and one of the things they may well be doing is baking Anzac biscuits. Anzac biscuits are said to have been baked by wives and sent to the soldiers, as these biscuits don’t spoil easily. My sister, now living in New Zealand (yes we miss you) sent me this recipe and even cooked them … Read entire article »

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Eggstreme family

Wishing you all an eggsellant Easter, I fried to be original but my brains a bit scrambled today, so I poached one or two before I got too boiled. Happy Easter x Also meet my eggstraodinary family, as you can see we are all quite eggsquisite in a eggstreme and eggsciting way!!! These gorgeous egg cup buckets are found at More from these guys later. … Read entire article »

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How cool is your lunch bag?

      We are not talking ice packs here ! It seems when children get to a certain age the coolness of the contents lunch bag really matters. What they once ate is no longer cool or edible in public which does seem a shame but that seems to be the way it goes. Depending of course where you are the coolness measure will be different. So I have been on the search to keep my children’s lunch bag cool and as healthy as cool lets you. I have had great and enthusiastic response from my two children, with a few extra tasters too. My children’s contents of lunch bag would usually be: Oscar: Sandwich (cheese or ham salad) Cucumber, toms, carrots sticks, radishes etc. Kiwi, pineapple, grapes or apple Cheese e.g Baby Bel Sultanas Home made cake/flapjack or brought treat product Occasional crisps … Read entire article »

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Yummy Easter biscuits to make or give

If you like melt in the mouth delicious biscuits this recipe is for you, swapping castor sugar for icing sugar really changes the texture. If you have people you give Easter pressies too, these make a nice present especially when decorated by the children. It makes quite a large amount, I got 28 biscuits of varying shapes and sizes including a few large Teddy Bears, so if you don’t want this amount you can put half in the freezer as it freezes well.   For the Biscuits you will need. 250g/9oz softened butter 140g/5oz icing sugar 1tsp vanilla extract 1 large free-range egg yolk 375g/13oz plain flour To decorate you we need: 6oz icing sugar 2 Tablespoons of warm water Little sweets, hundreds and thousands and anything else you have that will look pretty. Please note with the icing there may be some left … Read entire article »

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The weeks Grrr’s, Smiles and Mmm’s

  A good week has been had by all really. Always blissful when the children are on their school holidays, well most of the time. So lets start with the Grr’s: While visiting a European market selling lots of yummy stuff, the children were drawn (of course) to a stall selling German pick and mix sweets. They looked like any ordinary British sweets to me but three times the price, then spotting a label showing I was indeed proved right (it happens all the time!) made and distributed in Hertfordshire U.K umm sorry !!! Why do I still always feel sick when riding a bike down hill, it is the same feeling as when I was younger when you rode a horse over a jump, shudder ! Having to stand up on the train and … Read entire article »

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Easter Tree

Every Easter we decorate a few branches to make a Easter tree which always look very pretty. A nice way to brighten up your table, even if you can’t see the person opposite you, sometimes this is handy but all joking apart my 2 and myself of course still like sitting down together and doing this. This year I made it easy to share with every one else so I have put up a Easter template of eggs and birds for you to print out and decorate till your hearts content. Just click here to go to the page. Pencils were the order of the day for us, with added patterns like the lovely hearts bird by Bex. Oscar did some gorgeous egg designs and I just had fun. You can use … Read entire article »

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Being Cool

All this lovely sunshine makes the holidays even better doesn’t it ? My two have been just enjoying being kids really. We have escaped to the beach and there is something about it when they are there, they always seem so free. Away from the pressures of being ‘Cool’, what is it with today that everything once they hit a certain age has to be just cool !!! Bex my daughter and I were chatting on my bed the other day and she was making me laugh as she was saying how she talks to her friends, for example if they had seen us all out on our bikes, she would say to them in grumble speech about how she was made to go out and do a family thing because…….. It … Read entire article »

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Drinks review

                              I am a great fan of home shopping it makes my life so much easier and saves time. The downside is I don’t really always see what is new out, so if you are like me and just add your favourites to your bag or always pick up the usual when your shopping then here are so idea’s for you. I have been lucky enough to try some yummy drinks from teas to the nicest liqueur I have ever tasted. This is what myself, my family and my friends thought. All of which is in the Over Cuppa policy of giving good honest praise only when due. I would also like to thank everyone who has kindly sent these drinks for me to review, my shopping list is now a little more varied … Read entire article »

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