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…being nearly 40

If you have read my About Me you’ll know that this summer I will be 40! 40 to me is a rather big number, double 20 to be precise! Which is kind of scary when I really think I am only 25. Alright 28, which brings me nicely onto one of those compliments you keep to the front of your mind, it goes….. Day before 39th birthday talking to one of my customers “I am going to be 39 tomorrow!” Customer “No your not”, Me “Yes I am” Customer “No your not!”  Me “I am!” Customer “But I thought you were only about 28!” Hold that thought which means obviously in July I am only going to look 29, keep that thought then it’s not so bad is it? I have to say I … Read entire article »

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5 ways to enjoy your Sunday more

As I said before, Sunday is a great day for me, and we all want to enjoy it the most we can. So how can we make it even better by not spending any or hardly any money. 1. Start your day by really enjoying your morning drink, don’t just drink it really enjoy it. Every other day I gulp down my tea usually half cold whilst doing pack lunches or feeding the hungry washing machine or hungry children but Sundays despite my children are still hungry and so is my washing machine some how it is well calmer. 2. If you have to do some housework. Then learn to dance with that hoover put on some music and do a few twirls before attacking the toilet with all those feel good endorphins buzzing around your … Read entire article »

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Tell me the truth Mum……

Well I am a honest person sometimes some might say a little to honest but that is a post for another day. Here we are talking about the truth of the Tooth Fairy. I happen to love the Tooth Fairy, she is fab, just a little bit of magic that flies into our children’s lives once in a while. She gets notes left for her asking her questions like “what is her name, what does she do with the teeth and how small is she?” and of course over the years she has answered all these questions in the most fantastic whimsical writing you could imagine. But she was tricked the other day, as unknown to the rest of the family a loose tooth finally fell out. So that night with no … Read entire article »

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Scrumptious Vanilla Flapjacks

I searched high and low over the years for the perfect flapjack recipe, soft and a little crumbly but not to much. Basically I have made many a “Mum too chewy ones or Mum my flapjack just crumbled every where ones” so was thrilled to find this really simple recipe over at Carols My Dish. In the Over a Cuppa style it’s had a few tweaks but I have made these 5 times all with lots of thumbs up results and they are a little less messy to prepare, so even better. Preheat oven at 180 deg C /350 deg F /gas mark 4 Lightly grease a Swiss roll tin. 9oz /255g Rolled Oats 4.5oz / 128g Soft brown sugar (my twist) or castor sugar fine 4oz /113g Butter 2 tablespoons Golden Syrup 3 tablespoons Natural Vanilla Extract … Read entire article »

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Sundays Love or Hate ?

I have always loved Sundays as a child, this meant afternoon family outings, sometimes even whole days out and a roast dinner all sat down together, a thing that probably only happened on Sundays. Now to me it means relaxed family time (well I am relaxed not sure about anyone else), a trip to the beach (my favourite), basically Sunday means take the pressure off. Yes all that washing still needs to be done (please note I say nothing about ironing we use a very natural iron in our household it’s called body heat !) and food needs to be prepared but lets take our time. There is no time schedule for this day it’s just a take it as it comes day. On the other hand my daughter Bex and my … Read entire article »

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Simple Pleasures

So these days nearly all of us have had to tighten our belts, though mine will tighten so far and then I have to seriously do something about it. All the same the simple things can be simply the best ! So I thought I’d ask my family their favourite simple pleasures. First up Bex (11) far the easiest to extract the information from,  in no particular order: Laughing with friends and family. The scent of fresh lavender. Opening a new magazine. The Beach (yes I know we are lucky to live near one) Summer Breeze on your face. Being kind (girl after my own heart life is too short not to be) Next up Oz (9) sorry no X Box, Wii or Ninetendo’s allowed on this list! Going on his bike especially when your going fast and you put … Read entire article »

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Comic Relief Cookies

  I thought this super yummy and even better super easy recipe may be useful for anyone who is baking for a cake sale for Comic Relief, they usually fly off the cake stall like hot cookies making lots of money too. Makes 12-16 Biscuits (sometimes more) Preheat oven to 160 0c/325 0f/Gas mark 3 You will need: 300g Plain Flour 200g Butter (leave out of the fridge for a while) 100g sugar Smarties or chocolate drops to decorate 1. Put the flour, butter, sugar into a bowl. 2. Squeeze all the ingredients together until you have a lovely ball of dough. 3. Shape the cookies by making them into a ball, then squash with a fork. 4. Add your smarties or chocolate drops and press into the dough a little bit. 5. Place them on a lightly greased baking tray leaving a … Read entire article »

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Along the Camel Trail

Enjoying an after school bike ride, one of the perks of being a Mumpreneur ! … Read entire article »

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Become a Mumpreneur

March already and I planned to start this by the end of January, having said that I have plotted and planned, written and re-written, checked and unchecked and read so many fabulous blogs I have ended up thinking can I really write a blog. So I talked myself out of it but then ta da (!) here I am. Firstly I would like to dedicate my first post to the lovely ladies at Become a Mumpreneur without stumbling upon them (not sure how I did) I would not be writing this. I feel like I am at the Oscar’s, yes I have great imagination ! Back to those lovely ladies Erica Douglas, Antonia Chitty with the help of Carol Smith they have come up with a fabulous course Become a Mumpreneur, well … Read entire article »

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