12 drinks of Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year so let’s make it special by those little extra’s. I wrote yesterday the things I remember about Christmas as a child that stuck in my mind,  they mostly revolved around foods associated with Christmas and the whole feel of it. I struggled to remember any presents so for me it one of my things to have different goodies to enjoy and share at Christmas that the rest of the year may not make it into the house!

My 12 drinks of Christmas list I think has something for everyone. It is a list not heavy on alcohol because spending precious family day’s hung over is really not much fun but there is a little bit of tipple on my list to warm you up for Christmas!

This is a list in no particular order of preference just as I type it!

First up and it’s a refreshing Cracker!

Cracker ChristmasThe Cracker Drinks CO Blueberrry & Blackberry and Orange, Strawberry & Cranberry

The gorgeous refreshing drink will certainly have a place at the table on Christmas morning. A lovely all natural blend of fruit juices and water but these drinks really do pack a fruity punch! The Blueberry & Blackberry oozed lovely blackberry flavours and the Apple, Strawberry & Cranberry hit a very festive note. Bex and Oscar both loved it so much so I only had a little of it before it was all gone!

These drinks could easily be used as mixers too.

The Cracker Drinks Co are available in most supermarkets and are priced around the £1.50 mark.

Visit their rather lovely website to find out their other gorgeous flavours available.

Shandy Carib ChristmasShandy Carib range

All the way from the Caribbean and only with a RRP of £1.29. Recently to hit the U.K this low alcohol 1.2% abv Shandy mix is a rather colourful drink. Lager beer mixed with Caribbean flavours such as Ginger, Lime and Sorrel. The Sorrel is a rather festive red colour and I am told tasted really good. Not able to taste it myself as beer has gluten in I trusted others to share their thoughts. All three flavours were enjoyed and got the thumbs up. Being very low alcohol means that even the drivers of the families can have a little drink too!

These are available from Tesco and look out for special offers and they were priced recently at just £1 a bottle.

Twinings Christmas trioTwinings Christmas tea

These make rather gorgeous gifts but how welcoming to offer some festive tea when you have visitors. The festive tea ‘Christmas Cheer’ a black tea with such a gorgeous scent of Christmas that actually you would happily just sniff it from the tin.

For a caffeine-free tea look no further than Twinings Christmas Wishes a lovely relaxing blend of camomile, Roobios, cinnamon and infused with a pear flavour.

Both tea’s are a pleasure to drink and the Christmas cheer oozes indeed Christmas cheer in a cup. The Christmas Wishes best served without milk gives a calming start or end to the day! Roobios tea being very good for you it is an ideal one to have in over Christmas

.Both of these get the festive thumbs up from us. These pretty  tins are lovely and also have easy to peel off label so you can re-use them.

Check out Twinings website for some really fantastic Christmas idea’s not only to serve at your house this Christmas but a gifts too!

Aldi ChristmasAldi Cream liqueurs trio

If you like Bailey’s well you will love these. In 3 gorgeous flavours Caramel, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint all were gorgeous. They are the perfect trio to have on offer especially for the girls! The only problem being they are very drinkable! Though I am being good and hoping to save some for a recipe though this has not gone down well with the rest of the adult household, my husband!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a cream liqueur!

Available only at Aldi for the Christmas period for £8.99 for the delicious trio 3 x 35cl.

While we are on more creamier items I think next up…

Shaken udder milkshakes.

Shaken Udder christmasWhat a fab name,these are really a milkshake with a difference than most milkshakes available on the market. I think milkshakes are not just for the children and Shaken udder’s choc and orange certainly get a place on my festive list for the grown ups too.

These gorgeous babies are all natural, which is no doubt why they got a bit tick from me in the flavour department. I am not a personal fan of artificial flavours and I have never been! I was one of those children who preferred water to squash! But the rest of the household two of which (and one of them is an adult!) like things with that artificial kick to them also fell in love with these milkshakes. They are made with British skimmed milk, Belgian chocolate and tangly orange.

For me these had the perfect balance of sweetness, giving it a lovely silky and rather moreish quality.

You will find the Shaken Udders hanging out in Waitrose and priced at £1.49.

The chocolate orange is a perfect flavour combination! Shaken Udder do other flavours of course. We also tried their Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate in child friendly sized cartons. Perfect for putting in a bag or rucksack for a fuel up stock while you are enjoying some long Christmas walks!

Belvoir ChristmasBelvoir Fruit Farms Cordial and Mulled Winter Punch

Christmas is captured perfectly in the Mulled Winter Punch, totally non alcoholic but not missing a thing. This gorgeous punch gently warmed helped us get into the festive spirit on December the 1st. The smell flowing through the house as it warmed and then the enjoyment of drinking this warming yet refreshing drink. We loved it!  You could of course use this as the basis to an alcoholic punch too!

The cordials are again a world apart from many. The bottle which looks gorgeous in itself promised all that is inside. Bex describes them as a relaxing and calming drink. They are indeed when served warm a very soothing drink. I think we need soothing at Christmas, somehow the drink says unwind and after all the rushing around is that what we need? These cordials are equally good served cold and again would make a perfect mixer.

We tried the Belvoir Lemon and ginger cordial and the Apple, plum and ginger. Both had a lovely warmth to them, making it a perfect drink for Christmas. No additives, preservatives or colours are added to them so they are just naturally delicious. They dilute well at a recommended 1 part cordial to 10 parts water. Each bottle offering 8 gorgeous pints. The price per bottle is around the £4 which I think is most definitely worth it.

For more information and to find a stockists near you visit Belvoir Fruit Farms website

Grahams ChristmasGrahams Port

Port and Christmas go hand it hand rather like Stilton and port do too! Though obviously available to enjoy all year round Port does have that Christmas taste to it. We tried Grahams Six Grapes priced at a very reasonable RRP £12.25. It has a lovely rich spicy flavour but also had a lovely smoothness to it.

In the Grahams range and more widely available priced at £13.99 is Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage offering I am told flavours of forest fruits! Port is very traditionally served with cheese especially at Christmas but don’t just save it for the cheese board. These are enjoyed just as must a pre-dinner drink or an aperitif to help you to digest apparently. Though I am not convinced on the digestive properties of Graham’s Port I can assure you that it is indeed a Port to have for Christmas.

To find out more about Graham’s selection of Port and to find stockists near you visit Graham’s website

Fruit Broo

Christmas Fruit BrooThese little 100ml bottles intrigued me. Offering an almost like syrup that you simply add hot water too. Made with real fruit juices Fruit Broo we tried four flavours including Peach, Pear & Honey, Apple, Ginger & Spice, Lemon & Ginger and finally Honey and Lemon.

You add just 1-2 teaspoons of the syrup to a mug of hot water, stir and enjoy. We found you needed 2 teaspoons and for my taste they were a bit too sweet. Everyone else really loved them and at RRP £2.50 made them good value.

Fruit Broo is 100%, is caffeine free and boasts just 15 calories per cup!  The sweetness come from the honey, so if you like honey and fruit you will love these.

The flavours we have tried are available from Sainsbury’s. For a bigger choice of flavours and to find out more visit FruitBroo.com

Twinings_earl_grey_citrusTwinings Signature Blends – Earl Grey Citrus

Twinings Earl grey happens to be my favourite tea and one I know is a favourite to many others too. But this one is a bit more special, this is the connisseurs range. Package in a lovely box and inside offering two 50g tins of beautiful tea to keep the tea at its very best. The smell as you open the box is Earl grey with a difference. An even more intense smell of what we all love about Earl Grey.

This is a mix of top quality Keemum leaves, low grown Ceylon with the subtle flavour of bergamot and grapefruit. These tea is to be enjoyed, not a quick bung in a tea bag and off we go.

This signature blend tea is for special times like Christmas. Any Earl Grey fan will appreciate this but at £30 it really is one to savour but that is something I can promise you will when you try it.

To find out more about Twinings Signature Blends visit their website

from tea now to fresh coffee and a festive one at that!

Christmas coffeeCherizena Speciality coffee.

Cherizena is a family run business based in Leicestershire. At the heart of all their flavoured coffee’s  is 100% Colombian Arabica beans. They have a huge selection of flavoured coffee but this is a Christmas list so we tried their Christmas Coffee.

This was a lovely tasting coffee with subtle hints of Christmas spice indeed making it taste like a drink you will enjoy over the Christmas period. A lovely end to the meal which is how we enjoyed the sample we were sent or maybe a pot to enjoy with Christmas cake.

Cherizena have a wonderful range which I think would be great on the Christmas drinks list. Their Irish Whiskey Cream, Gingerbread and Salted Caramel (that one really intrigues me!) all shout out Christmas flavours to me.

Their Christmas coffee is £3.25 for 110g.

Visit Cherizena website to buy or see their fantastic range and they have great idea’s for gifts as well for any coffee lover.

Rosey Nosey ChristmasChristmas Rosey Nosey Beer at Aldi

This is a must for the Beer lover in your family and I think Father Christmas would be more than glad to drink this on his busy stop offs! I love the packaging, the price at £1.49 is a bargain and I am told by my husband that it is jolly good too!

Too may indeed may well give you a rosey nosey but I think these would be great to have in the fridge this Christmas and make a great stocking present too!

Available in store at Aldi.

and finally and no booing now it has got to be…..


Straight out the tap, filtered or bottled water is an essential at Christmas. I know we don’t always feel like it and some people my husband included plainly refuse to drink it! But it is almost guaranteed to give you more energy, make you feel better and even keep that skin looking good. Especially good to balance out your body if  your favourite on the list above includes the alcohol.

But if you really can’t bare it (!) then I think the list above offers some easy way’s to take your water!

I hope you like my list of 12 drinks of Christmas they all ones we enjoyed and I think will make Christmas on the drinks front at least that little bit special even the water!

I like to thank everyone who sent drinks for us to try we loved them! The water was courtesy of Wessex Water 🙂


2 comments on “12 drinks of Christmas

  1. 76sunflowers
    December 3, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I’m loving the sound of the Twining’s Christmas and Earl Grey teas but you’ve left off my favourite – mulled cider, perfect warming drink 😉

    • Ali
      December 3, 2013 at 3:27 pm

      Mulled Cider sounds perfect! Must give that a go, loving anything with a Christmas flavour to it! Christmas is about a bit of spice 😉

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