Yay, I have an allotment


It felt like I would never get to the top of this list for an allotment but I did and now I am the proud ‘renter’ of a rather overgrown allotment! The bottom half is show above down to the smooth grass, which isn’t mine!

Despite all those weeds and a lot of work ahead of me (us) I am so chuffed to have it! A HUGE bonus is, it already comes with a shed! Which obviously will be painted a different colour after checking the rules and regulations of the site! We can’t going breaking those as soon as the nearly three year wait is over!


The impatient part of me wants to get it all sorted as soon as possible and all ready for planting. The realistic part of me (which I had to dig very deep for…) knows there is a lot of work and it will take a good bit of time. As advised by a well seasoned allotment owner, it is best to do it bit by bit and aim to get the top 3rd done then move on. It is only a half a plot but is actually a fair size half plot I have to say.

It is in a lovely location and a 15 minute walk for me up a slight incline so downhill on the way home, perfect really! Part of having the allotment for me, other than the growing bit is also a little bit of time out doing something different and a bit of extra fitness. Better than the gym in my opinion!

I was thankful there was a loo on site too, as some day’s I plan to bring lunch maybe and be up there for a good few hours. With age comes slightly less great muscles on the bladder and I am a huge fan of drinking lots of water so a loo close by is one of my life musts!



Of course I have a romantic view of my allotment. Beautiful veg, salad, some soft fruit, lots of fresh herbs and of course flowers. I want to have home grown flowers filling our home and always good as a photo prop too of course! Of course the reality maybe something different. I am of course imaging myself already in the summer with a basket full of produce freshly picked to come home and serve up wonderful dishes with. With of course a bunch of flowers to decorate the table. Happy memories of my grandparents in Exmoor is just that. Fresh fruit, salad, herbs and veg from their garden, flowers like you could never buy from a supermarket in a vase on the table. All just lovely really! With also thoughts of sharing with friends. I remember one of my old friends in Cornwall, giving me stuff from her garden and how lovely it felt to have it shared with me. A birthday hand tied and home grown bouquet of flowers is hard to beat too!

Despite my romantic and happy thoughts on this, I know it will be a of hard work to get this perfect dream come true. But of course that is half the fun…isn’t it? I am now spending evenings reading my RHS Allotment Handbook & Planner
which is very good and flicking through the seed catalogue!

Do you like to grown your own food and do you have or ever had or wanted an allotment?


2 comments on “Yay, I have an allotment

  1. Michelle Twin Mum
    October 19, 2016 at 10:36 pm

    Oh this sounds fabulous and well done on ending that 3 year wait. Enjoy! Mich x

    PS I’d also be pleased about the loo too! Mich x

    • Ali
      October 20, 2016 at 9:17 am

      I know, I am really pleased worth the wait! I used to love to grow things when I was younger and we did a bit when we lived in Cornwall. But an allotment to grow what I wish is a real treat, I can’t wait! Yes, so pleased about the loo…you know where I am coming from! xxx

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