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So we all know the sock dilemma, my attempts at trying to restore order and beat the sock monster here sometimes are working. Some day’s there are cheers and lots of socks are married back up. Other days I am just filling the bag which is currently nearly 3/4 full of odd socks. Logically this makes no sense at all, what’s more why have I only 2 pairs of Oscar non-school socks left out of the 7 pairs I brought a few months back.

But my next big question that needs to be answered is this. When you look in the washing basket one day and you see there is only a few things in it, so you think let’s give me the washing machine the day off. Now logically you would expect the following day that you would have 1 load and the few bits or at the most 2 loads. So why oh why do I always have 3 loads when I have given the washing machine one day off?

It doesn’t matter how often I do it, it always ends up the same!!!

The washing gets me with the clean stuff too. You don’t put the clean washing back to its home straight away then yet again the next day a clean washing mountain has appeared that your need extra oxygen to conquer!!!

You of course notice I say put away. I happily miss out the ironing bit, I mean imagine what might happen if I didn’t. My iron has probably come out more times in its life for Hamo Beads than for clothes, and sheet’s and duvet covers pleased don’t go there. No never have if your asking!!! No I can happily say the iron and I haven’t met up for a good few months, the children are getting a bit old for Hamo Beads now!!!

Then final madness that will soon start sweeping us, well the ones who like a bit of air drying. The first glimpse of a proper Spring day with a promise of warmth in the Sun, yes we all charge around the house looking for every last scrap of washing we can find. Perfect drying weather the voice sings in our heads or if your mad like me you just say it out loud!!! Not thinking of course of the mountain of putting away we have to do after!!! So why oh why do we do that?

If you have any answers to my washing dilemmas please let me know or if you seen 5 pairs of socks with smiley faces on too!

If you have any washing questions you need answered I am probably not the person to ask   ask away!!!

Right the sun is out and I need to hang some washing out!!! 🙂


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