Rock Beach


This is my first Gallery post, I am a day late what a surprise but when I saw the theme was walks I just had to.

From a young age where what would seem like a quick walk now seemed like an epic expedition then, I have always enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. Warm and cosy is all very nice but it feels so much better once you have a good blast of fresh air threw your lungs. See lovely things that you would not see if you didn’t venture out, meet people that you would have never met. Made dog walking friends you wouldn’t have done had you just stayed inside.

Walking with the Bex and Oscar gives time to chat about stuff. Chatting whilst walking can be chatting the little stuff and sometimes tackling the big. Having dogs most days two walks are had. Different things are seen and heard but kicking off your wellies when you get back after a walk always makes home feel better. Working from home means that my walks also give me a break from the computer, though some of my best business idea’s, thoughts and even blog post’s come to me whilst out and about walking.

Cardinham woods

Best walks would be in the woods but ultimately my favourite dog walk would be at Rock Beach early in the morning when our dog paw prints are the first on the sand. When Lottie my retriever is totally in her element and her face just shows the enjoyment of swimming as well as walking.

Rock Beach

This post is for ‘The Gallery’ at Tara’s lovely blog Sticky Fingers pop over and see what ‘Walks’ mean to other people in pictures.


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