This is what memories are made of…

So this post came about after I commented on the lovely Hello it’s Gemma blog post about the Jubilee. We didn’t do anything for the Jubilee because well we didn’t. I asked the kids and they looked back at me that reflected what I was thinking. But if they had wanted to then of course we would of.

A local street party would have been great but we didn’t have one, so a nice weekend was had but with no red, white and blue.

Gemma’s comment back to me, as lovely as ever was saying it was creating memories and this is why she felt bad because she also had not as such celebrated the Jubilee.  So it got me thinking and as I led in bed last night listening to the gales I just thought of the happiest memories of part of my childhood which stuck in my head.

Here is what I came up with in no particular order.

The smell of camp fires.

Picking fresh field mushrooms whilst camping and eating them for breakfast.

Sat on the garden bench looking up at the stars in the sky.

Podding pea’s with my Nan.

Hot chocolate in the middle of the night when my Mum went to hospital to have my brother.

Fresh mint, the smell the taste of it in my Gran’s herb, cheese and carrot salad.

Playing Pippa dolls in the flowerbeds.

Making cakes with my Mum, Nan or Gran.

Picnic’s after school in the Summer in Henrietta park.

Saturday afternoon walks with my Mum and dog at Sham Castle.

Being in a tent and it raining and being snuggle down with a word search and a cuddly toy.

Rolling down the hill in my Gran’s garden.

Making clubs up with my brother after watching ‘Why don’t you?’

Collecting big bags of flour from the mill with Grandparents who lived in Exmoor.

Walking in the stream in various locations with my brother and sister dragging our nets behind us.

Collecting shells, especially the Razor shells on beaches in Scotland.
So that is was what my happy memories are. We used to go to lots of things, in fact now I think about it, lots of Royal (!) things too. The Windsor Horse Show, horse trials Princess Anne was at, Polo at Cirencester park. Of course I enjoyed it for the horses but I know my Mum was a real Royal Fan.

I can remember the Silver Jubilee in 1977, I was 6 and I was disappointed. I remember liking the flag and the rhyme of ‘I went to London to visit the Queen’ in running through my head but liking the mouse bit when the Queen visited Bath around that time.

I look at the memories which make me feel happy and apart from the camping bits (my husband doesn’t like camping) I think these memories have shaped the way I am now and some of them I know will be the happy memories for my two as well.

I am glad I remember the little stuff and that made me happy as a child. Food seems to be a bit of a highlight bit of a worry!!! But fresh food and cake which is what you will nearly always find here now.

Well I know I will be making cakes today, a bread dough for pizza and I will be picking mint for the salad so wonder what you may do today which is a reflection of your happy memories.

P.S Gemma you certainly didn’t fail Noo, I just need to look at your lovely photo’s and I know Noo will have some really fantastic memories x





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