The loveliest paper aeroplane

When I was getting in the washing yesterday a little ‘Mum’ call was followed by a paper aeroplane winging its way from Oscar bedroom window.

Playing paper aeroplanes and making them of course is rather liked in this house. In fact I have been really impressed at how some of them turn out. But this aeroplane that flew out was my favourite yet. It wasn’t made with pretty paper like these…

But it had a lovely note on it, can you see?
If not it said ‘ Hi this is Oscar saying to you, I luv you! Also how are you? I’ll be there in a sec’. You can see why it made me smile. Oscar will be 11 in a few months I really hope I get paper aeroplanes with messages like this flown at me for a long time but just in case, it is pegged up on my pin board. Along side Bex’s note saying ‘I love my Family’.
I am lucky enough to have them say this sort of thing most day’s but on paper I can pin it up and it gives me a smile when I pass them. Even on the times perhaps they are not behaving quite so well ( as if that ever happens!!! ).

I am really glad my two have grown up happy to show their feelings. I hope it always stays with them 🙂

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