Talk to your children about alcohol

To me, to be able to talk to my children about anything is important. The good, the bad, the stuff that is hard to talk about. I think keeping the talking channels open at all times is so important.

But no matter how open our talking channels are sometimes we miss some of the important stuff or sometimes leave it to long.

Our children grow up at a rapid rate, today’s culture means our 13-14 year olds are more like we were at 16-17. Here today we are talking about alcohol and more to the point how much your children know about it.

A few months ago a good bunch of bloggers went to a ‘Drink aware’ event. Me, thinking I knew all sorts of things, was quite happy for a refresher on some of the information. Information about looking out for friends when they have been drinking was truly good to be reminded of. I talked about these things with my children straight away that night whilst it was fresh in my mind.

After having this reminder it will be something we discuss openly and without pressures, so my two are more than aware of the good and bad points of alcohol.

Oscar (10) is doing a project about this at school, he had written points like ‘You think your invincible because you don’t see the dangers’. I was really impressed and it wasn’t something they had discussed at school, this was extra work through choice! So my channels of talking must be doing alright though I will be popping over regularly to Drink Aware website to keep the information and conversation flowing and not the alcohol.

Most children will try alcohol under age, I did and no doubt you did, but lets give our children all the information they need to make them healthier and most importantly safer.

Lives are affected and sometimes lives are lost from not enough information, let’s make a difference!
Take a look at this and see where to start the conversation.

Keep talking to your children and for lots more information please go to the Drink Aware website, it is surprising what you learn there.

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