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When I was at senior school our school computer was wheeled into the classroom on a trolley. Yes it was that big and clunky and very slow and quite frankly boring.

Today things change so quickly, even from the time my two started school to now the advances in technology have been huge. With that comes higher expectations and to a certain extent the need to have more stimulating learning because the technology that surrounds them in their own lives makes the need for exciting learning higher.

I think children learn far more from experiencing things, whether that is actually getting outside, doing experiments or just being more part of it. It makes learning not only more fun but more likely to remember and engage with it.

So the way our children learn is changing and this exciting project with the Institute of Play and Samsung with  Galaxy Note 10.1 is something for children to get excited about. Take a look at this video and it makes you want to learn

I love the way that they take the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 out and about is a big step to experience a different sort of learning. Though I hope technology never takes over learning completely these new idea’s can equally incorporate, doing, being, experiencing with the skills to learn to mange the technology that most of us need in our lives today.

I know my two would love to learn in this way and I can see if everyone had the chance to it would mean a lot more engaging students for the teachers and we would not hear so much  the answer to how was school today as ‘boring’ would we?

To find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 here

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Do find out more about the Institute of Play there are lots of interesting resources and free downloads some of which I have downloaded already 🙂

This is a sponsored post for Samsung though all of this post is my own thoughts and writing


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