Plan A

Sometimes just take 5

A rude awakening for the 3rd time this week from my dog meant last night I was woken up at 3.30 my heart pounding and general feeling not great. Ten minutes wait while my lawn was mowed by Lottie eating lots of grass and for some reason I was still left feeling stressed.

Back to bed I did get to sleep but woke up feeling just the same. Not feeling ill as such though. The children safely off to school I made myself a sweet cup of tea (I don’t usually have sugar but….) drinking my tea I watched the Robin in our garden along with some Great Tits (sorry that name is just wrong!!!) and decided to top up their feed.

My take 5 was to clean out the bird feeder and their bath and top it all up. Whilst I admit I was in flip-flops on rather soggy grass I admired the fact that in November the nasturtiums that Bex sowed last Spring were still in full growth lots of leaves and flowers still coming in bud, amazing really.

Sometimes taking 5 doesn’t have to be complete chill time sometimes it is 5 minutes diversion from everything else is what  isneeded. I am taking another 5 now to do this!!!

I saw this on Facebook again this week, on lovely Emma Burford’s wall from the Mums Business directory it was via Grace Marshall who is a person I am sure doesn’t get stressed, she seems a very chilled person and I really must pop over to her website more often!!! Anyway here it is means something to everyone because Plan A never really ever works out. I did joke on Facebook that  I had now started on numbers not really true but….

Plan A


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