So it is the 6th

Christmas Eve 2011 - A rainbow 🙂

I can delay it no longer, today the decorations will come down and packed away for another not quite a year. The house will seem a little less chaotic but then I am a secret fan of chaos in the positive sense of course!!!

So this is the time I am to think of plans for the year. Yes I should have done it on New Year, it’s there somewhere rattling around in the my head, just not firmly on paper or here. I should put it here I know, hold myself to something. You could check up on me (!) can I bear the pressure!!!

Last January when I joined BAM  I wrote an online blog post on their site a couple of months in, outlining some goals. As I am no longer a member of BAM but of their Ace Inspire instead I can not as such show it but one of the goals was to believe in myself.

I have truly stuck to that goal, and I am so pleased with myself. It’s o.k to pleased with yourself, you almost feeling guilty saying it. Like your being a bit big-headed, I am not big-headed at all I might add. I have a very little head 🙂 but all joking apart in the last year my belief in myself has improved way beyond what I had hoped for.

Life is funny like that isn’t it. As a 20-year-old I did a confidence building course. My confidence was at an all time low, my life was ruled by panic attacks and not knowing it at the time (you never do) I was also in a very confidence sucking relationship to put in mildly! I still have the notes somewhere and what I wanted to aim for from the course. I told you I was chaotic, had a quick search and can not find!!! At that time I obviously wasn’t strong enough to follow my aims, last year it wasn’t such a confidence thing I just needed direction to find myself again. Not that I was lost, but you go through day to day life and perhaps part of you just gets lost within the grime of everyday life. Anyway who knows I found her so I am pleased with that!

So this is now, I am mostly back 🙂 I feel I need to keep going forward. To actually find the me that will have the success that actually yes I deserve. In a year that the government again promises us doom, they are wonderful aren’t they? But somehow they will make me more determined. This year I will join together with people at a local level and online to share, inspire, get inspired, motivate and get motivated. This way it will just make us stronger and much more likely to succeed.

I feel I need a banner!!! But at a personal level it great to have support so why not in all other area’s of your life.

As usual my blog post didn’t end up the way it was meant to, but that is the good things about blogging no rules!!!

Now to take down the tree feeling a whole lot more positive 🙂

My straw hearts now 20 years old 🙂





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