So how was Mother’s Day for you?

It’s funny one Mother’s Day isn’t it? As I am more of a giving rather than receiving kind of person and sadly I don’t as such have a Mum to share Mother’s Day with it leaves me on the receiving end.

Lovely beach card from Oz

My wish for a great Mother’s Day would be home-made cards, and yes I was lucky enough to get two beautiful cards made by the fair hands of my children. A cup of tea made for me, tick on that too and generally not feel guilty about not running around like a blue arsed fly my usual way of life.

Beautiful picture by Bex

The sun woke me up nice and early, no complaints there. Then it went grey and poured with icey rain, yes I may complain a little about that. But gladly it came back and left us with some sunny moments on the beach walking the dogs. Fresh eggs were brought from the farm shop and a cooked brunch was served up at home by my husband.

Oz and I headed out for a fab bike ride, we stopped off and had a mega game of ‘Pooh sticks’ simple games always the best. Mind even though it was Mother’s Day my sticks seemed mostly to be slower. Home for tea and the remainder of my husbands birthday cake and cookies. A bit of relaxing and chilling, then roast dinner and no T.V as we swapped it for games. A game of charades left us in hysteric’s and so did the game of tell me. Question – Describe a personal trait or quality about you beginning with E? Oscar answer was ‘Erotic’ yes red-faced and much laughing was had on that one!!! Yes he is 10 we will say no more! 🙂

And so to bed with my new paperback that I was kindly given by my two as a Mother’s Day gift.

All sounds a perfect day except life is not quite like that is it. So let’s scatter in some real life too as all of the above happened but Bex was not in the best moods. As girls seem to take life’s wrongs out on their nearest and dearest and well that the way was. So we had moodiness and attitude which was not going to go down to well in my book.

But here is the deal, we expect this after all we know what we could be like at that age. Well not me obviously 😉 but expecting at dealing with it are two different things. Bex didn’t come to the beach I asked her not to, and when we came back after briefly taking a deep breath I went in gave her a big hug and said really how I felt but only after asking her why she was being like that.

Yes it was Mother’s Day but that is what we are here for, it is not just the cuddles, the cards, the love or the cups of tea, it’s about being there for our kids and setting what is okay and what is not. That can be tough and I count myself as a very ‘cool’ parent but that also means sometimes I have to be the tough one too. Sometimes just briefly this makes me the unpopular one but I know and you know that one day it will pay.

I hope all had a fantastic Mother’s day, the great, good and the umm bits because I did. x

And then all is well and happy.....

Not forgetting I had a lovely Happy Mother’s day message from the lovely Melksham Mum which made my day complete 🙂

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