Smile, think and grrrr of the week


Things that made me smile this week:

1. My daughters new friends Mum (never spoken to her before) rings me in the morning (7.30) to ask about the dance class that the girls were going too, I give a long P.R explanation of the company who run it, the teacher and basically how fab it is. Finally when I draw breath she asks I was just wondering what they wear, how much it is and what time it finishes !!! When will I realise I am an adult too ?

2. My daughter texting Mum above from my phone (she is out of credit) message to her friend goes ‘Can’t meet u this a.m meet u in quiet area @ break going to Doc’s.’ Which number did you text that too? ” The last one to call.” So that would be the courier who rang yesterday would it !!!

3. Watching the Jackdaws in our garden collecting my dogs hair with their beaks over flowing with dog hair.

4. Following on from above, my son gets some binoculars spots a few birds and then asks me all seriously ” So is this bird watching?”

5. Listening to the gorgeous sound of my children giggling and laughing together.

6. My dog looking in the opposite direction whilst I trimmed her nails as if she couldn’t bare to watch.

Things that made me think this week:

1. Sadly previous post.

2. Why children think it is cool to be mean and why nice people get picked on because they are nice.

3. How easy it is to walk the walk and talk the talk in the virtual world and why is it so much harder in the real world ?

Things that made me go GRRRRR!

1. Not winning the lottery !

2. 4 people, 3 toilets, 3 toilet brushes, 1 person who uses them. The toilet brushes not the toilets !!!

3. My next door neighbours not leaving yet for their £300k barge, for their 6 month break because she had her tonsils out. No I am not being mean they have to be the most disliked people I have ever met, double Grrr why do they have to live next to us.

Lets see what the next week brings and have a good one.

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