Simple things

I used to often write here about the simple pleasures so it is about time I did some more. I have always been a fan of the simple things, enjoying what is around you and these days more than ever it seems important. To be honest life is expensive and these things are mostly free.

I also like the fact both my children despite the fast and electronic life that kids live these day’s appreciate some of the small stuff too.

Walking home from a brief trip to town yesterday enjoying the fact that at nearly 13 Bex and I still laugh and giggle she suddenly piped up “Oh look that is so pretty “, pointing to some gorgeous, tiny blossom blowing from a tree. It great to notice lovely things around you, seeing them makes you feel happy inside. It makes for a happier you and the small stuff well it can really make a difference.

After lunch in the garden what a treat in February we had a game of cards and a game of life the pack of cards version, backdoor open wide and a few giggles were had.

A later dog walk with Oz a decision was made to make smoothies when we got back. Melon, peach (tinned always great to have for those smoothie moments), kiwi and orange was Oscar choice. Then Bex chose to make banana, peach and orange version. Huge glasses of goodness were enjoyed and while Bex returned to the world of video chat Oz took to the garden.

Pen knife in hand, he has had pen knife training don’t worry. He gathered some sticks and started whittling the wood. He looked so content out there that once I took this quick photo I quickly joined him. It was wonderfully light being half five and Oz kindly passed his pen knife to me which I really can’t remember the last time I whittled some wood, but have to say how therapeutic that is. Perhaps bringing back camping holiday memories but anyway we gathered some more sticks ones. We seem a bit short of them in our garden and with rather a lot of laughing tried to construct a tent, yes really well big enough for Lego people!!! It still a bit work in progress but watch this space!!

A late evening was had, Bex and I took to the joys of You Tube music video’s with lyrics. In which I realised that in my case some serious singing practise was in order. But we had many a laugh probably at my expensive but…..

Then Oscar discovered the odd sock bag and did a very random indeed sock puppet show which I am promised we are going to have another preformance tonight.

That brought us up to a rather late 11.30 as I type this there is still sleepy I am typing very quietly!!!

So there you go a few rather simple things that made for a full nights sleep for me last night. Simple pleasures are what I am looking for right now. What simple things are you enjoying this weekend?

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