Simple pleasures – Late Summer

Late Summer, well the beginning of September so I assume we can call it that!
I love this time of year, but equally don’t like it as it is the beginning of another school year. Though for now, for a few more days I won’t think about that quite yet.

So the simple pleasures for now has to be picking berries. From a little girl to now I have always enjoyed going out and collecting those beautiful coloured berries.

Okay you might get a little bit scratched, your hands and especially nails will look a bit purple for a day or so but……….

Blackberries being mine and the children’s favourite can be transformed into beautiful coloured goodies to eat. We made ‘Blackberry and Apple Muffins‘, we made ours gluten free by swapping the flour, adding an extra egg and 2 extra teaspoons of baking powder. Yes, I know mine don’t look quite so good but they did taste delicious! Bex made a blackberry, apple and rhubarb crumble. I made blackberry and elderberry jelly though two and a half (at least) hours of work gave me just two and a half jars of jelly. Slight sob, though did taste gorgeous but….

Sloes were picked for Sloe Gin and elderberries are waiting in my fridge for something to happen to them.

We had fun (yes it really is fun) touching the ripe seed pods of the Himalayan Balsam. They give you quite a hit as they explode, if that’s the right word and usually make me jump and scream a little. I am a ‘bit of a girl’ though!!! Bex and Oscar love finding the really ripe ones ready for a big pop!!!

The Himalayan Balsam seeds are edible and can be used in curries or topped on breads etc. I will be a good girl and mention that it is in fact a very invasive plant so if your going to be popping them you could put a bag over them and collect the seeds. Its the popping sensation that is fun rather than seeing it, as it is much to quick.

Thought I better add that before I have the weed pest control people after me!!!

September here in Cornwall usually promises a lovely sunny month. Today is gorgeous sunshine and a wonderful start to the month. We are heading to the beach for supper as late summer also promises the beaches are a little quieter!!!

Happy September 🙂

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