soup in a bowl

Simple comfort foods

soup in a bowl

Like rather a lot of people currently, I am fighting off a cold and cough virus. As the week went on and my energy ebbed away the need for simple comfort food took hold.

Whilst picking up some shopping, a tin of tomato soup caught my eye. I literally can not remember the last time I had a tin of soup, as I usually make it myself.

Oh my, that pure comfort as I sat with the bowl of warm soup on my lap. Its flavour taking me back to childhood times. Sometimes when poorly, but often a quick warming Saturday lunch served with cheese on toast as a child. My Mum, like myself loved to make homemade soup but I definitely remember a tin of tomato soup on occasions. Among the occasional packets of Knorr Florida vegetable soup, which always sounded much more exotic that is actually was! Soup is for sure a comfort food and honestly I don’t expect there is much goodness in a tin of soup. Though, the comfort of the warmth as I ate it, was goodness to the soul if nothing else.

vegetable gravy

The night before, another comfort food had been enjoyed. Homemade toad in the hole, gluten-free of course. Served with a delicious homemade vegetable gravy. Which was full of flavour and the goodness of onions and garlic. This was joined on the plate by simple steamed brocolli and carrots, with healthy new potato crunchies, which were tossed in smoked paprika before baking! When it is cold outside and your body is fighting a virus off, there is nothing like food like this to wrap you up in a edible hug!

Waking today, somewhat aching with a mix of a virus and a tough yoga session last night, porridge was the order of the day for breakfast. Simple addition of some frozen berries, for that added vitamin C. A little bit of sliced banana and some trail mix heavy on the seeds, equals another bowl of comfort and healthy one at that.

berry porridge breakfast bowl

With the sounds of coughs, sneezes and splutters echoing around the house. I feel more comfort food will be in order. The kettle seems to be switched on every hour, to fill cups with tea or herbal tea to keep us warm and to ease our throats.

Despite feeling a little worst for wear, I am also grateful to be able to be warmish at home as I type this. That the food is comforting and actually how easy it is to provide simple comfort food.

So, tell me what is your go to comfort food when you feel poorly or you are in need of a bit of comfort?



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