Secrets to a tidy looking house

Yes last week I discovered the secret of a tidy looking house. Please note I did not say a ‘tidy house’ I did say ‘tidy looking’. Sadly it not a secret that is easily used, it is rather expensive but all the same all those people with tidy looking houses well now I know!!!

Yes get new carpets, still have clutter but magically your house looks fresh and tidy. Somehow you avoid looking at the clutter as your memerised by the lovely clean, light carpets. Yes well I did tell you it wasn’t the easiest secret to do but if nothing else you now know why some houses you go in seem well tidy and perhaps they really are not!!! Though of course there are lots of lovely tidy tranquil houses of course with not new shiny carpets but….

In fairness as I sit here typing my house is now relatively tidy anyway. 5 minutes of shoving putting things in my baskets that I told you about here, shove put the dishes in the dishwasher and perhaps a quick freshen up with the loo brush and well hello zingy tidy house.

Which brings me on to my next discovery of how to have a tidy house and that is put your house on the market. Of course again well it not really what you want to do but what about you could pretend. Later this week my ‘For Sale’ sign goes up. It would of gone up today but we were failed to be told we had to get a EPC certificate before it can go on the market. Yes I won’t grumble about that so anyway that will be done today. So this morning 10 minutes were spent as a practise run putting everything straight upstairs. Clean washing away, dirty washing currently spinning in my ear, beds made and looking tidier than usual, toilet seats down, toothpaste wiped from the basin (why do they get toothpaste everywhere!) and last nights mug brought straight down when I got up. Yes I know I really should do that every day but I am not always good at doing it first thing that is all!!!

Bex re-painting my whicker chair

The sitting room is all straight and the what could be dining room but now houses my lovely whicker chair that my Nan gave me for my 18th birthday, all repainted is looking rather inviting just to sit and chill. Bookcases filled with book next to it, yes mainly recipe books but you know and like I say just the kitchen to shove put a few things in places and ta da a tidy house.

Do I need to plump up that pillow again!!!

I also discovered all the above are quite stressful, new carpets make you a wee bit anal!!! Can I say that?  Well anyway that is the only word I can really think of right now. Decluttering is great, makes you feel free, much easier to tidy but perhaps leaves it a bit souless. But then I am sure the hopefully prospective buyers wouldn’t want my soul so I have put a few pot plants here and there. I am not brilliant with house plants so as the market is what it is I will probably be buying even more but….

Swap lego figures for a pot plant and....

So there you go, the most unhelpful guide to getting your house tidy but I did say it wasn’t the easiest. I mean you really didn’t expect me of all people to give you tidying advice did you? 🙂




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