Pancake day

School pancake race today

Pancake dayPacked lunch – check

Books –  check

Pens and pencils – check

Frying pan – Check

Pancake – Check

Yes today Oz is taking a frying pan and pancake to school today. He has a new Headmaster,  this one has breathed a bit of life and fun back into his School. For the first time ever and Oz is in year 6 they are doing ‘Pancake races’.

Yes there will be parents who complain at having to make a bit more effort in the morning and yes cooking pancakes in a busy morning is not always the easiest but Oz went to school looking forward to it.

There will be laugh’s and giggles as pancakes leap out of the pans and onto the grass. There will be loud cheer’s when a pancake is actually caught in the frying pan and yet more giggles and laughs when pancakes split into pieces.

Oz desperately wanted to practise tossing the pancake but the wise part of him thought it best to wait. He willed me to have a go and then a big grin spread across his face and said “Best not!”. He left with tips on which side of the pancake was best for starting off for tossing and which side was best if it was a ‘egg and spoon’ style race but of course most of all it will be fun.

What a different another person viewpoint can make. The new Headmaster is child focused and children need fun to learn and grow.

I am sure many pancakes will get nibbled by the children. They are so gorgeous smelling even if cold or is that just me?

Are your children doing anything for Pancake day at school? and most importantly are you having pancakes tonight as if so what your favourite way to serve them.

Oz had lemon and sugar this morning but later on I think it will be more treaty fillings left over from this review 🙂

My final pancake day questions to you are:

Do you use oil or butter in your mix or to fry them or are you like me and use no fat at all?

Do you actually toss or do you cheat like me and just flip with a spatula?

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Have a fab pancake day and don’t toss them too high so they get stuck on the ceiling!!!!

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