Saying goodbye to 2011

I have to admit I will be a little sad to say goodbye to this year. Though like all years it has had its ups and downs. It’s sad parts, it’s tough decision’s, its happy bits, new bits, in fact lots of new bits. Well the list could go on.

This year has been a growing year, and I don’t mean the plants though the hanging cherry tomatoes did have the best year for a long time and well this nasturtium look at her still growing and flowering today!!!

New Years Eve 2011

For me it has been a growing year, rediscovering things, doing lots of new things, getting back some of me that may have just hidden for a while. Not gone but not shining. This is year I felt I shined, this is at a personal level just to me, please you don’t need sunnies I promise.

I have done things this year I never it thought about doing let alone achieving. Fear of failure has been thrown out of the window (well mostly!) and have a go me is back.

Bex has done lots of growing this year too, of course she is a child so she would grow. But Bex has grown so much inside it makes me so proud of her as she never seems to get it easy.  She has had a definite turning point in her life this year and for that I am so proud and also grateful.

Oscar again has grown. He quietly achieve things then mentions it casually two or three days or even weeks after. That is Oscar cool, calm and well chilled. But he has achieved a lot this year, all off his own back and no nagging!!!

No-one is saying it’s perfect but this year has been a step on the ladder in the upwards direction and no doubt there will be more snakes to slide down (that sounds a bit dodgy doesn’t it?!) but as you can see I can handle a snake ummm sort of!!!!

So 2012 will bring me a teenager and two children at senior school by September. Big steps and no doubt changes but hopefully some good ones too. There will be no resolutions for me. They seem for me a way to start a year and within a month fail so I will swap them and make some goals instead.

So here is to a New Year in which we can all keeping growing, of course in the right direction.


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