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I have to say I do love chocolate and of course I love all sorts of tea too. So a combination of the two sounds pretty perfect to me. I love this Easter bundle idea from teapigs, named the easter cheeky.  One it has chocolate deliciousness, two it is less calorific, three it has a mug (Easter needs a new mug in my book) and four it will last longer than a Chocolate egg!

This gorgeous bundle from teapigs contains 15 teapigs chocolate and mint tea tents, 15 teapigs chocolate flake tea and a signature teapigs china mug to create a bundle that is rather delicious and would be a very welcome Easter gift.


Let’s set the taste scene for you. The teapigs chocolate mint tea is filled with the finest peppermint and some gorgeous chocolate pieces. The chocolate doesn’t contain dairy so this would make a perfect dairy free Easter gift. It is describe by teapigs as a nostalgic taste of mint chocolate chip ice cream with a dash of after eight richness. To me this was a great description, in fact without reading teapigs description my first thoughts were after eight chocolate. I totally love this and as with many of teapigs products the tea tasted as good as the smell of the tea temple promised. This tea is naturally caffeine free, so perfect anytime of the day. Would make a lovely after dinner drink but equally I am enjoying it at 9 in the morning as I type!

The teapigs chocolate flake tea is a combination of Assam black tea with real dark chocolate. Again this doesn’t contain dairy. You can drink it with or without your chosen milk. It suggests serving it with hot frothy milk or cream to add a bit more decadence after you have brewed it.

I tried it with just milk and Oscar had his with soya milk. We both really enjoyed it, it has a hint of sweetness without adding sugar and lovely undertones of chocolate but still with the knowledge and taste you are drinking a cup of tea.

I loved both these tea’s but the teapigs chocolate and mint was out of this world delicious. Anyone who loves a chocolate and mint combination don’t miss out on this taste sensation. I feel I will be making another cup of it after I have finished here…mmm delicious!

Is it just me that loves a mug or cup at Easter? Well the china mug is this Easter bundle is understatedly lovely. A less is more mug and I love the message on the handle ‘no airs. no graces. just fine tea.’

I agree this is fine tea!


I have a soft spot for teapigs, it is one of my favourite brands of tea. In every tea  temple (such a fitting name) you will find the finest whole leaf tea, berries, whole herbs (you can probably see the green mint in the photo above) and whole flowers depending on which tea you choose. Being a visual person, I love their packaging, the artsy images the recycled greenness that it offers. The tea temples themselves seem a piece of art if I am honest. They are also biodegradable.

I think this is a wonderful treat for someone and at £12.99 it seems a bit of a bargain too for all that guilt free chocolate gorgeousness don’t you think?

You can buy the teapigs easter cheeky bundle at

You can also find teapigs sold separately in other stores.


2 comments on “Review- teapigs Easter bundle gift

  1. Kizzy
    March 19, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Sounds interesting. I’m not a big tea fan or drinker but I had a ginger tea bag come through with an order recently and loved it.

    • Ali
      March 19, 2016 at 11:45 am

      If you like mint and chocolate combination you will love the mint and chocolate one. Honestly it is really special drink, teapigs mint tea is particularly good too. I like ginger tea too, I am the opposite to you in the coffee sense. I drink it a bit but not much somehow it doesn’t refresh like tea but that may be just me. I love non caffeine tea’s as in the cold weather sitting at the laptop hot drinks are a must to keep the soul ticking over (!) but too much caffeine and I can my stress level creep up!

      How nice to get a free tea bag a order xxxx

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