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Most of us remember the Milkman of old. The distinct sound of the battery from his milk float, the gentle clang of glass as he took out  the milk bottles and replaced them with the empties. 5a.m he used to come by when I was little, and most mornings I did wake up to his noises which were comforting not annoying, well till I hit teenage age anyway!

So what happened to the milkman and the milk floats? I think the milk floats are long gone, despite being quite eco-friendly with their battery power but the Milkman still remains.

While a small percent reading this will still have their Milkman deliver to their door, I am guessing a lot won’t be, let alone realise that the Milkman still survives. To make sure he does survive milk&more, well offer a free delivery service with more than just milk, the name says it all really! My childhood Milkman towards the end added yoghurt and orange juice to what he delivered, but milk&more offer a little bit more than that.

A few of the essentials delivered with the milk!

Take a look to see some of the things I ordered. We have bread, Clover, tea bags (oh come on as if I would not order them!), loo roll (it doesn’t do to be running out of that!), potatoes, cheese, milkshakes, biscuits, chocolates *coughs essential, Soya milk (me), Pepsi (treat for kids!), milk in mini cartons, fruit juice in glass bottles (love) and milk of course.

milk&more stocks the essentials you need, milk, eggs, bacon, bread, cheese, potatoes plus whole lot more all delivered free to your door. But we are all mostly also looking out for our pennies. So how did milk&more stack up?

If I went through every price then yes a lot would shout out more expensive, we have to pay for the service here don’t forget. But actually items like the tea bags, bread, potatoes, chocolates, soya milk, loo roll and Clover were actually cheaper than what I would have paid at the Tesco Express had I run out and walked 10 minutes up the road to get them.

Tea bags, bread, milk, cheese are the sort of things I do run out of and think I can’t be bothered to go to the big supermarket so I pop to the nearest smaller store that charges higher prices. Of course we all know that when we do go and pick up the extra bits we come back with a lot more. Though obviously I did not need the Elizabeth Shaw chocolates from milk&more (I did really!) they were a great price so I added them!

All of my shopping was waiting for me outside my door as instructed, first thing in the morning. I am not sure what time it arrived to be honest. It was nicely packed and have to say a welcome sight in the morning. For the just over £24 I spent, I was really impressed at how much I got. I am a thrifty shopper at times but it was easy to hunt out the bargains with milk&more red dot deals and special offers.

The milk in the bottles are a lovely blast from the past. Of course milk&more also sell milk in cartons and milk in bag as another environmentally friendly way to cut down on wastage.

The glass bottle!
The glass bottle!

There are many people who rely on such services that milk&more provide. It must be a welcome service for the elderly, poorly or people who don’t live within walking distance to a local shop. But it is also a service for those with a hectic life. When my two were small I did have a three times a week delivery of milk from the Milkman simply so I knew I have the essential milk in. This was a blessing on days when getting Bex and Oscar dressed and out of the house seemed like mission impossible. We have all had day’s like that I am sure! Running out of essentials like milk can be a disaster when you need caffeine to start your day or for the kids cereal of course!

The great thing about milk&more is you can add or take away from your order until 9p.m the night before the delivery is due. Here there was a choice of three days for delivery in our area. You can set up a regular order for certain day’s and pay on account or do one-off orders and pay for it there and then. Regular orders can be added to ,say you have run out of cheese then just add that in as a one-off extra.

The website was easy to use and to find things especially offers!

So now I have an account with milk&more will I use their service again? I think that would be a yes, not on a regularly basis as we live close to shops but on occasion’s I will as it was a pleasure having shopping waiting at the door delivered free too!

To find out if milk&more delivery in your area and what they have to offer visit


I have received and order free of charge from milk&more to do this review. This has not affected my viewpoint in any way. All opinions are my own.






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