Review – Hotter Belle Boots

I can not tell you how hard it is to find a nice looking pair of boots, that are comfortable and also a little bit practical too. Okay, steady there with the practical word there. It drums images of being dull and a bit sensible. If you know me in person, you will know generally I would never be described as either of those things!

Anyhow…back to the boots. Well, I can give you the great news the search for the comfortable boots but stylish boots is now off! I have found them!

I was super pleased to win Hotter’s #Hotterwalkies competition and got to choose a lovely pair of boots. I was looking for boots that I could walk my dog’s in but also wear into town and even for a night out. I am not a high heels night kind of person, so long boots and a nice wrap around dress does just nicely thank you! So the Hotter Belle boots were a perfect choice for me. I chose dark tan as that was going to be the best colour to maximise their use. There is also a most gorgeous plum colour which I was so tempted to go with but didn’t. What did I say about me not being practical or dull…dam!

They do also come in black which is another versatile colour.

So, these boots are a win all around. Have I mentioned yet, they are comfortable? The great thing about Hotter shoes and I believe would be their unique selling point is their shoes and boots are amazingly comfortable. I am on my feet a lot. Not driving and three dogs equals a lot of walking and time on my feet.

My Summer was spent in either Hotter shoes and sandals or a pair of flip-flops that I bought to go to Soul Circus Festival. That and of course bare feet for the summer, not the festival! So I am amazingly happy to have some Hotter boots knowing I can be on my feet all day and not have my feet and legs telling my body I need to sit down!

I have been giving the boots a great test drive over the last few weeks and can report back that they are as comfortable as my Hotter summer shoes. Kit and I have been having extra afternoon walks to help keep us a bit fitter and lose a few pounds which now seeing photograph’s of myself realise I do need to have my extra Hotter Walkies. But with comfy and happy feet and legs, there will be no excuses. A bit more than 100M though!

I will be keeping to my wellies for early morning walks as the grass is so wet. Even though I am sure the Belle Boots once protected are up for the job. I am so in love with them for walking into town etc too,  that I have become a bit protective of them. So mine and Kits more fitness walks, where we keep to the paths and up to a certain speed the Belle boots are just perfect for!


I thought my chunky calves would need the wide fit. But with a buckle at the top which is just not for decoration and a neat and discreet stretchy bit the regular fit was perfect for me.

I love the amazing tread on it. Yes, I do realise that I should have photographed it before wearing them. But least you know I have been fully testing them before sharing this. Actually have quickly taken the photograph, as wanted to show the great tread and realised I had not photographed! Excuse the bits of grit, which will easily flick out of course. Real life, people…too honest…maybe!

Well, as I said brilliant tread as now you can see! Which as someone who has fallen down a few times I am pretty pleased that these Belle Boots will ease the risk of that!

They are beautifully made, a gorgeous tartan lining which makes me happy each time I put them on. I can honestly say there is not one negative about them.

I am more than sure they will be worn most of the Winter. I have worn them so much so far and Hotter makes their shoes and boots to last so I can see this being my winter boot for many, many years!

I am a big fan of Hotter shoes. They are a brilliant British company providing us with comfortable feet.

Bex, my 18-year-old was rather sold on these plum Vanity boots….oh and in black and teal too! Perhaps my high heel dislike (I own just one pair) could be cured by Hotter! I used to go clubbing in Converse and a dress just so I could dance all night long! Last time I went out for a night out with heels I took them off and danced barefoot instead!

Yes, comfortable feet have always been something I search for! I am very grateful for my lovely Belle boots, thank you, Jenni, from Hotter shoes!


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