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The world really needs an extra bit of happiness and with happiness like my favourite thing kindness, happiness can be very contagious.

So what better way that to enjoy a bit of happiness but also being able to share a bit of happiness too. The Happy Paper Club is just that. A monthly or you can just do a one off box of happy stationary and goodies. Each box is a surprise, which I love I mean who doesn’t like surprises?

You get goodies for yourself to keep or give away and in my December box there was some gorgeous thank you cards complete with my favourite brown envelopes. I like the fact there is something in the box that encourages you to send someone else something. Of course thank you’s in a December box are perfect for thank you cards for presents. But I like the fact that if you don’t have children it may remind you as a grown up how nice it is to send a thank you card. We or maybe it is just me, don’t really do this. Though we drill it into our children it is polite and a nice thing to do. *thinking face on!

Anyway that was a pause for a thought…so yes Gabrielle who runs the Happy Paper Club, alongside her lovely The Green Gables which has an array of gorgeous goodies has with her happy paper club, already reminded me as a adult it is also nice to send thank you. I love that in each box there seems to be something you can send to someone else. I know when the lovely Viv sent me happy post and another time a gorgeous thank you it really made me feel happy.

I think we need to get into the habit of doing these things and not just on the days our calendars dictate to us either!


Back a little bit to ourselves, I love the idea of the Attitude of Gratitude daily journal which was in the December box. I like to think within myself every day despite some days life throws at us unreasonably hard stuff, I do like to reflect what I am grateful for. I have not as such every written in down in a book, so I am going to get stuck into this as without a doubt being grateful does make you happier. Writing things down also can instill that message to you further so I am looking forward to using this.  I like there is enough space to write a few things down but not so much your think it is too bigger a task to do!

I really need to write things down more, my poor head is overflowing with things I have to remember. The absolutely do not forget note book, is a perfect incentive to get stuff out of my head and on to paper. Hopefully leaving me less overwhelmed by life and happier.


December could not of be a better time to receive my box as the lovely prints message was my favourite thing to share kindness. Yep it is always possible to be kind and a message if everyone took on the world would be a happier place. I am going to frame this!

Some day’s I do need to remind myself to choose happiness. Generally I count myself as a happy person but have to say a few challenging years have caught up on me and I consciously have to give myself a dig in the ribs so I don’t go down a not so good path. So I love the exclusive item of the cotton bag with the message ‘Today I am choosing happiness’. Each month there is an exclusive item made just for the Happy Paper Club subscribers, how nice.

Included also in the box was a 25% off code for seed kids by Studio 9 on etsty. I love wildflowers and what better way to plan for the summer than growing something beautiful. Even this was on gorgeous card with a lovely message.

All of the stationary is very environmental and all has a lovely feel to the quality too. Gabrielle designs all of the stationary and I can feel her heart and soul in it.

You see reflected in her gorgeous stationary, idea’s and Happy Paper Club is Gabrielle’s underlying interest of the science of happiness and trust me there is a science to it. As I well know with Bex sometimes that will need a lot more than pretty stationary but a lot of us need a general boost and reminder to make the most of our life’s and be happy.

So it was no surprise to learn that Gabrielle has taken a interest a step further and runs a ‘Choosing Happiness’ course. Yes, we can learn to do this and that but how many of us learn to be happier in life. Gabriela has a free 7 day taster session so there is nothing to lose to see if you would like to invest further.  This again is something that really interests me and I have many a book on my shelf on this subject. The idea of running a course for this to me is a great idea. Actually doing the things rather than just reading about them is definetely a way to make it stick and become a habit.

Looking back to November, when the Paris incident shook our lives and it really did. These are the times we need more resilience. Things like this and a lot of what life does throw at us can shake us and sometimes those shake can have a real negative impact on your life. So learning how to be happier and that doesn’t mean a spending spree is a investment worth while. Do take a look what else the course has to offer you.

I love what Gabrielle has to offer. The Happy Paper Club was a great box and something I would recommend and when I am earning more pennies something I would consider subscribing to. The contents value are a lot more than the subscription price if purchased individually and of course some items are only for subscribers.

I am also about to sign up for the free 7 day course

Pop by to The Green Gables there are some really great idea’s and gift. I love the ‘Positive Pant’ range. I like to wear my happy pants, they have snoopy on them and now are a few years old! There is also a sale on with lots of lovely things on offer.

In each box there is a personal note from Gabrielle with a bit of news and some inspiring things to think on and it will come to no surprise that Gabrielle also donates 10% of her profits to six charities: The Brain Tumour Charity, NSPCC, AgeUK, WaterAid & Fresh Start Foundation.


If you would like a Happy Paper Club box in February then orders are open on 1st February. If you want to get news of the Happy Paper Club then do sign up here you can also find video’s of all the previous Happy Paper Club box contents to give you an idea of what great value it is.

A one off box is £12.95 including £2.95 delivery

Subscriptions are £10 a month which includes free delivery

What to follow what Gabrielle is up to on social media then find her on:

Twitter @thegreengables & @happypaperclub 

Instagram: thegreengable

Facebook: the greengables

Pinterest: thegreengables



4 comments on “Review – Happy Paper Club

  1. Kizzy
    January 23, 2016 at 9:38 am

    I need these boxes in my life! Off to sign up now

    • Ali
      January 23, 2016 at 10:11 am

      Yay! You will love it Kizzy 🙂 Enjoy xxx

    • Gabrielle
      January 26, 2016 at 5:52 pm

      Thanks so much for the review, Ali, I really appreciate it! Kizzy, you’ll probably have seen by now that Happy Paper Club is sold out for January but the February box goes on sale on 1 February so it’d be lovely for you to join me then 🙂

      • Ali
        January 27, 2016 at 9:18 am

        Pleasure Gabrielle. It is a lovely idea and has a really nice to vibe to it. To my left, I have my ‘absolutely do not forget’ notebook with things I need to do today. It is such a nice pad, that the jobs don’t seem so bad! Wishing you lots of success in your business xxx

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