Review – Evans Lichfield cushion


Oh my, when I opened this cushion my heart missed a beat. Straight out of the packaging it was hugged to my chest as this cushion really it a cushion of beauty.

Evans Lichfield is a British company producing cushions and canvas wall art.  In light of Brexit nightmare, I think we need to support our British companies a little more. Evans Lichfield, certainly with the cushion I was sent, gets full marks for quality and originality. Some of their cushions, like this one, have designs by British artists on them. Having worked with artists before myself and love this as an idea and I also love the results.

My cushion is of an image by artist Sue Fenwick called ‘Cottage in the lane’. She has many other beautiful designs to choose from all inspired by walks along the beach and coastline in Northumberland where she lives. I literally love all of her designs no matter what season she is painting.


This totally gorgeous cushion, is so full of dreamy colours. The pink cottage on the lane reminding me so much of my grandparents pink cottage down a lane in Exmoor. Oh, how I miss them and holidays to there. I promised myself at such a young age, one day I would own that cottage. In all honesty I can not see that happening but this cushions reminds me to keep my dreams alive.

I think most females love cushions and of course some men.They simply can transform a sofa, bed, chair and space. Plain coloured furniture and walls are perfect for a cushion and picture transformation. It is surprising how adding cushions, rugs or throws can change the look and feel of a room or space. My gorgeous cushion, has adorned my white wicker chair in the summer house this summer. It seemed the perfect place and as the cushion reminded me of one set of grandparents, it seemed perfect to place it on my 18th birthday present from my other grandparents.

Once the weather has turned, the cushion will join me in the sitting room to bring some cheer there for the winter.

I had a little look around Evans LIchfield and thought I share my top 5 picks with you.

First up with winter cosiness in mind I love their Balmoral tartan range. I love tartan and we have a lovely lilac tartan rug on our sofa that we bought at a country fair. It’s snug, I think tartan has a timeless classic trend to it. I love the pink in this one, it gives it a real modern twist.


Still keeping to a bit of tartan but with a clever twist. I love this purple butterfly with the reverse being a lovely purple tartan. I know a sofa this would look fab on! I like the double sided addition to the cushion. It really does mean you can change up your room and without even buying more cushions. There are other animals all with different coloured tartan reverse sides. The bumble bee is another of my favourites.


If you want to keep the summer still alive in the house once the winter has come, then sunflowers couldn’t be more cheerful. This sunflower is very bright and happy. Again you have a reverse side for a different but equally cheerful look.


Ruth Harris another British artist also have a gorgeous collection of floral designs. Her fab named ‘Floozy’ cushion, caught my eye. It’s bold iris print would make a statement on anyone’s sofa.


But if by late autumn you are ready to really hibernate come evening time, what better reminder than this snug dormouse. Again this has a different reverse, this time in a plain colour.


Evans Lichfield have a fantastic range of quality cushions to choose from. Visit to see all their designs and find a stockist near you.


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