Strawberry layer desert

Rachel’s Organic – Summer Collection

We were lucky enough to be sent a yummy collection of Rachel’s Organic yoghurts. I am not sure it’s just me (well and Bex) but when I see Rachel’s pots of yoghurt I just want to rip the lid off and dive in. So on arrival that’s exactly want happened. The organic strawberries and cream was first to get the taste test and my oh my what a hit that was. It is one of Rachel’s limited edition so do look out for it now!

What I love about Rachel’s range is it’s ever-changing and for someone who get’s a bit bored that is great for me. I also love the fact your eating something good for you but it still feels like a treat. With just the purest organic ingredients, no hidden nasties (that are found in rather a lot of yoghurt that promote they are healthy!) and also contains millions of the good bacteria (oh go on them I will type them out for you!) Lactobacillus, acidophilus and bifidobacterium. What a mouthful but some of those good things you do get in each and every mouthful.

Since reviewing Rachel’s range at the beginning of the year I have used her range a lot in baking, simple things like adding it to cakes, making ice lollies and I can tell you if you use the Greek style Coconut yoghurt in this recipe instead of just natural yoghurt, well it take these chicken kebab’s to a completely different level I promise.

I did make a gorgeous apple cake using Rachel’s Greek Style Ginger yoghurt, I wrote the recipe down as it was one of my ones and some how lost it. But just to tease you here is a photo.

apple cake

Yes it was gorgeous, moist and yummy. We took it out on a picnic (between showers) and it was yummy washed down with a cup of tea. I promise I will search again for the recipe and if I don’t find it I will re-make and post it here soon.

homemade yoghurt ice lolly

So we made these Fat free Blackcurrant Ice Lollies which as long as you have lolly moulds anyone could make these, we also made this rather nice layer puddings. I did confess a fail on making homemade jelly with fresh fruit but I am hoping Rachel will forgive me on this one. I like this easy pudding as it’s equally for the grown ups too and so, so simple.

Strawberry Layer

ingredients for strawberry layer pudding

Strawberry layer desert

You will simply need to make 4:

I 500g pot of Rachels’s Organic Strawberry and cream yoghurt

1 x strawberry jelly (made up as instructed and left to set)

2 x meringue nests

A few fresh strawberries sliced.

Plus 4 small strawberries left whole to decorate.

To make:

Once your jelly is set run table knife through it and roughly chop.

Crumble the meringue nests into medium chunky pieces

Then simply layer into glasses. Jelly, yoghurt, fresh strawberries, meringue then repeat and end up with a whole strawberry on top.

As you can see we really enjoyed the Rachel’s Organic yoghurts we were sent. There are lots of recipes idea’s on Rachel’s website and also check out Rachel’s range and all the gorgeous flavours and I am sure there is one for you. Here at Over a Cuppa we really enjoy Rachel’s yoghurt they are a treat to eat but also good for you too.

I would like to thank Scarlett for sending us the yoghurts, they were really enjoyed and I will try and find that cake recipe as it was a total hit!!!

As usual my review has followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of only giving honest praise when due.



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