Pumpkin love

pumpkin flower close up

I am not sure if it is the vibrant orange, the amazing size or the taste, that I love about pumpkins. Maybe it is all three. This year we are new to the grow your own culture and having an allotment, we decided to grow our own pumpkins.

Maybe I should say Oscar and I decided to grow pumpkins. As we are the only two who seem to like pumpkin to eat. Taking that into consideration I just planted two seeds. They both grew so I did plant both of them out. I really could not believe how much they grow. The plants grow so long and with that the pumpkins grow sporadically.  I am rubbish at guessing measurements but I am sure they were ten feet long easily. I felt mean digging one of the plants up but it was swamping the courgettes, cucumbers and beans so it had to go!

Once the three fruits were growing well, I chopped off some of the ever-growing excess which also had tiny pumpkins growing on it. The packet did say three fruits per plant so I stuck with the three. Despite it being chopped off and thrown to the yet to be done part of our allotment, it still kept growing via it tendrils. Quite amazing really, anyway we have three gorgeous pumpkins. Growing your own part of me just doesn’t want to carve into them all as saving much of the actual pumpkin when carving can be super challenging!


So I think I will be just carving one and the others shall be roasted, made into soup and curries. Added to my spiced pumpkin baked oats.

baked oats

I also have it in my head to make pumpkin pickle and maybe some pumpkin jam. But fear it will just be me and Oz eating it!

Pumpkin is super good for you. It is high in magnesium and potassium and it goes without saying with its bright orange is super high in beta-carotene. You can keep the pumpkin love going if you buy or grow extra as they keep well uncut in a cool dark place for up to two months. Pound for pound they are excellent value price wise making it a great value vegetable to eat.

Instagram has been awash with pumpkin photo’s and I have never seen so many people going to a pick your own pumpkin farm! I confess that I did not even know the existed! I rather like the idea of going to pick your own pumpkin. Rather like going to pick a Christmas tree up! It does look like a great day out for children and young at heart adults!

So, if you are carving your pumpkin. Don’t forget to at least save the seeds as they are super good for you as well. Give them a good wash and take off any pumpkin flesh. Dry them and place on a roasting tray with a little oil. Season, my favourite is chilli and a little rock salt. Then bake for about 10 mins at 180ºC.

I hope you enjoy your pumpkins. I just hope when I cut into our’s they are as good as they look on the outside!


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