Post Christmas waffle


I know, I really did meant to come back here before now. The truth is I was having a lovely chilled out break and to be honest I am hoping you were too. So firstly happy new year to you all, may 2017 be epically kind to you x

The lovely people that were my online heroes of 2016 which I did say I would write about, I am taking with me in 2017 as my personal power pack (queue my revised post title!). Right I have that covered now!



Today is the first day back for many of us (boo) so wrong when the tree is still up and the Christmas cake has not been completely eaten. I think this year I over soaked the fruit, yes two weeks maybe too long! So it is a bit more moist that I would of ideally liked with rather plumped up boozy fruit. But it looked nice, despite my slightly dodgy fondant covering technique! Luckily the cute penguin distracts from that!

So Christmas here, has been very relaxed and chilled. For the first year ever my two were not up at the crack of dawn and instead of feeling a bit ‘oh my babies have gone’ sad, I embraced it. I filled the house with the smell of Christmas making some red cabbage and cranberries pretty much to the same recipe (Delia’s) as I did back pre-children cooking for my sister and I in the fun years we lived together. I was more than content, fondly thinking of my sister, embracing the gorgeous smell and just enjoying that moment and the gorgeous colours of the the red cabbage and cranberries!


That made I even made it out the door for a dog walk before my teens had stirred. Once out Bex awoke, sent me a message and happily waited playing the x-box with her Dad and waiting for Oscar to wake up and me to return with the dogs. Things change but I am so glad that my two still are not the rip open all the presents before 9am kind! So not even stocking got touched until all were fully awake and tea in hand.

The day was totally relaxed. Oscar had not slept well and at some point of the day after stockings I think went and had a rest. But the day flowed beautifully, no expectations just the want for everyone to have a lovely day. I think despite Oscar not feeling 100% we nailed it. Boxing day saw our only family visit to my Dad. I love Boxing day and by late afternoon I had walked the dogs with Bex and camped down on the sofa to fully chill until supper needed thinking about.

The whole holiday pretty much followed this vain. Just nice and relaxed, nothing amazing just cosy and calm. Bex’s boyfriend arrived on the 27th and they then headed to his home for the New Year. The first New year without Bex.


In between I had a desire to head to Avebury and planned it for the anniversary that I lost my Mum. We were all meant to be going but when it came to it just Cam and I headed there. Whilst chatting with Cam in the sitting room, I noticed a white feather float by.the window. Some believe it is a sign that it is a message someone you have lost I sending you love. I like to believe that. Avebury was lovely and such a gorgeous day. I love the old tree at the top of this post, its exposed roots are quite a grounding sight.


So not the as planned family walk, instead I embraced it just being the two of us. Queue cheesy woolly hat selfie….


The rest of the days seemed to merge into one another. That ‘what day is it’ thing happened before the reality that the Christmas bubble was going to have to end! A mix of fresh air, good food and company and plenty of relaxation was eagerly consumed.


Cam is back to work today and Oscar goes back to school tomorrow. The Christmas tree will stay up until Thursday, when I will take it down quietly and no doubt with a tinge of sadness and look forward to another relaxed Christmas later on this year! How many day’s is it to go?




2 comments on “Post Christmas waffle

  1. 76sunflowers
    January 3, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Lovely to see Cam on here! I love Avebury and that tree – I keep meaning to go there alone and just chill and be all peaceful with myself. One day! Hopefully see you soon x

    • Ali
      January 4, 2017 at 9:42 am

      It really was a lovely Christmas and I really don’t want to go back to normal life…alas we have to! It is a gorgeous tree, I thought you would like it! Looks like you had a fab Christmas too and yes see you soon xx

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