The pleasures and perils of the Christmas adverts

I do love the run-up to Christmas on television. Though I watch limited television these day’s I am watching it enough to catch the Christmas adverts.

This year Christmas adverts seemed to get bigger and bigger. Practically a whole television breaks worth. With one’s that are to be continued. I do love a bit of romance but I am sure Grandma would have liked her present really!

So many of the adverts are filled with extravagance and huge families all laughing and smiling. A feel of massive abundance all around. I love that Christmas is a time when your fridge is filled with gorgeous food but at the same time need to reflect that is the not reality for many.

The smiling faces, which do fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Of childhood times when Christmas was very much about family. Though alongside that warm glow there is a sadness that Christmas is not so much about family outside our little house just the ones in it. Which is wonderful and good, my little family love Christmas that way. I think the big family get together appeals to me as that how my childhood Christmas’s were remembered.

With that is also seems so many families may force themselves together begrudgingly.  So, I give the thumbs up to Sainsbury’s advert this year. Regular people, people working on Christmas day, big smiles. Not one’s tinted with gold leaf with the money is no object brigade. Regular people, enjoying themselves. It made me want to have a girls night out, giggly and singing in a back of a taxi!

Boots and Debenham’s have me swallowing back the tears. Missing my sister and slamming that message she is no longer here. Even after nearly 5 years I still kid myself she is still out in New Zealand enjoying herself. Which in a spiritual sense I am sure she is.

I do wonder when people come out with these adverts their thought process in it all. Perhaps, two adverts with sister themes has got me overthinking of the cause and effect these adverts may have.

I wonder how many people watch them and their hearts are tugged by less than feel-good things.

I think over the years my favourite Christmas adverts are more aimed at Children and the adult that has a child inside them. Animated adverts are a far better hit with me.

Never showing huge Christmas rooms, with more food than could fill up even the biggest of families that are shown. Usually a lovely message but leaving no-one with that sadness in their heart. Usually going ahhhh as the animated story unfolds. So, of course, my favourite advert this year is M&S.

It has Paddington, so a childhood favourite for many adults and now hopefully a future generation. A bad guy see’s his wrong’s and smaller gatherings of a little family opening their presents. In a very lovely house, I will give you that, with a beautiful tree. It is M&S after all. But it leaves me a happy festive feeling and not a heavy feeling in my heart.

I think also for me when I watch the adverts. I do wonder how many people end up feeling bad that their Christmas does not add up to what the big guy’s think it should look like.

I love seeing all the smiles, gorgeousness and delicious food. But somehow rather a lot of the Christmas adverts this year have left me with Christmas melancholy rather than joy!

What Christmas adverts get you feeling festive?







2 comments on “The pleasures and perils of the Christmas adverts

  1. Susan Mann
    November 23, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I love this time of the year and the Christmas music and adverts, such a wonderful time of the year. x

    • Ali
      November 23, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      Yes, I do too! I just like to get that warm, cosy feeling! This year television advert wise it just has not given me it! Other than lovely Paddington xx

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