Pink Day

Pink Day at School

Pink DayI am always amazed how happy the boys are to sport some pink for ‘Pink Day’.

Unlike Bex, Oscar has zero pink clothes in his wardrobe. Despite the fact that the occasional pink top seems to come into fashion for boys they have never landed in Oz’s wardrobe yet.

Oz not wanting to be left out chose to wear pink socks, pink leg warmers and a pink hat, which no doubt will come off as today is quite mild! I know a lot of the boys will enter into the spirit of it and actually go to town even more than the girls, who will flick through the wardrobe for a cool combo of pinks!!!

So ‘Pink Day’ here at their school raises money for Cancer Research. In our town we have a ‘PInk Day’ that all the shops either do windows or and wear pink for the day and raise money for Cancer Research so our school joins in with this.

Despite having reddish hair I am rather partial to wearing pink so of course as I type this I am sporting a lovely shade of magenta and will pop some money in the pot!!!

I love simple idea’s to raise money, where everyone joins in donates what they can. Though one person said where can I buy pink hair spray. I always thought that a bit strange to go and buy something that costs more than the donation you are giving but maybe that is just me?

As pink is such a happy colour all will have a nice day whilst raising lots of money for such a great cause. So if your having a ‘Pink Day’ I hope you have fun too and raise lots of money. If you don’t have a ‘Pink Day’ then why not suggest it 🙂




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