Picnics past, present & future

My plan for National Picnic week went a bit, well wrong, my recipes never happened and my great places to picnic list never well got typed.

That is the way it goes sometimes and enough hours in the day, we all know if only more.

So my Sunday waffle is going to be some of my favourite picnic’s etc.

Who remembers picnic’s when they were younger, I always think picnic’s do really create happy memories. Whether you go away from the house (not always though) you have nice things to eat or they just taste nicer as your on a picnic.

Picnic's past

Simple picnics on summer holidays, weren’t the summer holidays always sunny when you were younger. Henrietta park in Bath, next to the climbing tree. Perfect, my Mum taking us, that is my sister and brother too. We would usually meet up with friends, climb the tree and ride our bikes around the big circular path.

Sydney gardens under the big horse chestnut tree’s, on the grass at Bathhampton just along from The George pub on the tow path. Lots of pretty narrow boats to look at here.

Nettleton Mill with my grandad, fishing net’s included for fishing next to the stream. Number of fish caught, none. Happiness factor 100%.

Cirenster park watching Polo on sundays (yes posh I know, am I? No !!!) lots of great picnic’s usually had in the shade of the car on the traditional red travel rug.

In corn fields some place on the outskirts of Bath. Badminton horse trials, memory not so good for my brother he got stung in his mouth by wasp.

On Dunkery Beacon with my Granny and Grandpa, Easter Monday. My grandparents were Quakers and quite often there was an Easter Monday walk. Lovely walk, lovely picnic. Couldn’t beat my Gran’s homemade brown bread and delicious date and walnut cake. Even better returning to another of the Quakers house’s for cream tea in their rather lovely garden.

Westbury White horse with a spot of kite flying added in. Rather windy picnic was had there but…..

Friends birthday picnic fields off Widcombe Hill, can’t remember what we ate, but drank lots of wine and had a great time.

A perfect picnic!!!

More recent memory picnic, an indoor picnic at a children’s farm, not necessarily the nicest of picnic food or the location but the last time I was with both my Dad, Sister, Brother (and their other halves) and my nephew’s before my sister left for New Zealand. Rather surreal as it was, that here we were having a picnic and saying goodbye before she left for her new life in N.Z. Still with the joys of Skype we can still see each other.

Now my favourite places to picnic are Baby Polzeath, next to big Polzeath where most people go and very little people go to the baby beach.

In the dunes at Rock Beach, anytime of the year. Quite often found there on a Sunday morning. My favourite time was when a pod of dolphins swam into the estuary. Being in the estuary you got to see them very closely as they swam around the sailing boats.

Daymer bay, great rock pools and mussels if you feel like cooking your own and great for collecting shells too. Constantine Bay another great rock pooling beach.

The field above Trevone beach, great view without getting sand in your picnic, and good chance of spotting dolphins in the summer.

Cardinham woods, great picnic had there, particular favourite when Bex had a friend and Oscar, Bex and Beth, well went in the stream and found a rather muddy part nearby so we had 3 brown children but very happy one’s at that.

Heather & Toby in NZ

My future picnic I hope to have would be somewhere in Scotland, have had picnic there in past, but love to take the children. In the Lake District again  love to take the children so could stop here on the way up to Scotland. Finally in New Zealand so I can share it with my sister, see my nephew again and of course Bill my brother inlaw. The children would love it and I would too.

Of course my list could go on for ever, but well those are a few of my favourite past and present picnic and ones I love in the future.

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