Oz’s Party

On Monday we had Oz’s 10th birthday party, it was the first party he has had since he was five.

This was due to fact on his 5th birthday party, a friend accidentally put his toe in Oz’s eye which left him in quite a bit of shock until the next day.

So for the last four years he has had usually 2 friends just to do something special, his choice.

But this year he had a party (Yeah), and it was a brilliant party too!!!

If you read my holiday experience or ‘The snake’ bit you will be wondering why I had been so mad as to invite a snake to the party well….. we do anything for our children don’t we?

So Oz had an animal experience type party, so as well as all his human guests he also had a ‘Little Owl – Alfie’, ‘ Indian Python – Matilda, ‘Bosc Monitor Lizard – Tyson’ and finally an ‘Eagle Owl – Hazel’.

Oz & Matilda

What fab guests they were too. We met the animals and learnt all about them and then got to hold all of them except the Eagle Owl as that has huge and you should see the talons on it. Take a whole pot of nail polish to paint those beauties!!!

All the children were great and you could see all were so pleased to be up so close to these animals which realistically you don’t often get the chance too.

We have some fab photos, my favourite being the one with all the children with the snake wrapped around the whole group. Being all of them I can’t share, but it really showed how long this creature was.

For me the snake was a beautiful creature, but I did feel a little bit (under exaggerated there!) nervous. The sheer power of it as it wrapped around my neck and shoulders (a bit to tightly for my liking!) was to say the least a little nervous racking. I was glad to hand it over to a friend who stayed, but I also was equally glad to say I have had a Bl**dy great snake around my neck too!!!

An hour and half after it was due to finish people were just beggining leaving, the animal guests had long gone but the human ones happily fed (do it yourself rolls, big success with 10 year olds) plus all the other party goodies and being hot, the watermelon and pineapple went down at a rapid rate.

The cake, not quite so impressive as Cherished By Me, but did get equally good reception.

We squeezed a few games in which were loved by the children and proving 10 year olds are not to old for games. We will add to that 12 year old too.

Two guests left over for the night as they did not want to go home, would put a ‘It was worth waiting 5 years to have a great party’ label on.

Next years party is going to be…….Oh I forgot I have to plan a ‘yes I am 40’ party for me next week,  perhaps I will call the guy in with the big snake 😉 !!!

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