Horse Birthday cake

One of the things I love about having a blog is…

One of the things I love about having a blog is you feel you have an extra family in a way. My family is really small and where as some people have an overflow of family we fell a bit short on that.

So on Bex’s birthday when she got lots of birthday message via twitter and here it really meant more to both Bex and me than just a happy birthday. Bex really appreciated the messages.

She takes lots of interest in my Blog and actually lots of the other bloggers, plus watches me chatting on twitter too!!! So Bex is quite familiar with bloggers like Melksham Mum who is very pretty and cool. Kerry from My LoveBumps (previously Life as I Know it) who blows great bubbles but also has a daughter who loves horses (Kerry you are pretty and cool too but obviously bubbles and horses come before this!). Carol from Make it, Bake it among other blogs, shared the birthday with Bex well not literally but the date and lots of others are familiar names to Bex too.

I know when next weekend comes and lots of my favourites are at Britmums Live I will feel a bit sad that I am not there. I laughably thought we might be too busy moving house etc etc which here and now I realise yet again my rose-tinted glasses were being worn too much!!!

So for all of those who stopped by on Bex’s birthday post a BIG THANK YOU and have some cake!!!
Horse Birthday cake

Or a pretty cupcake if you prefer x

Pink cupcakes

As I was typing this the postman came, and with it a ‘thank you’ card to me from the lovely Caitlin who I work with from Unruly (and I’ll miss her at Britmums Live too!). So yet another reason why I love my blog 🙂Thank you message)


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