Once upon a time when I was a little girl I dreamt of being one thing

Nothing fancy that would make me rich

Evidently it would make me rich with things that money could not buy

Mum was the name I wanted to be called

Unforgettable was the happiness that I felt the day Bex was born

More happiness was had when Oscar came along to complete our little family

Sharing my life with my children was my dream come true

Two bloggers have been out in Ethopia seeing the difference that ‘One’ makes there have been some heart warming posts from Michelle A.K.A Mummy from the Heart and some amazing photo’s so do pop over and take a look. Jennifer Howze from Jenography has been there too and has some wonderful posts to read too.

Seasider in the city wrote a great post and to support all the work that is being done has set up the above meme to get the word out. Take the letter of One Mums and write what being a Mum means to you, then tweet, Facebook etc using the hash tag #ONEMums but most importantly sign and offer your support, thank you.

This post is written in support of ONE they are not a charity, you will never see them asking you for money, all they want is your voice. ONE is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Backed by more than 3 million members, they work with government leaders to support proven, cost-effective solutions to save lives and help build sustainable futures.

I will tag @Melkshammum @thelovebump @thegotomum @caroljs but feel free to write a post to help spread the word and make a difference. Link up your post with Seasider in the City



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