Off on Holiday

We are off for a weeks holiday, isn’t it funny when you say your going on holiday, people say “Going anywhere nice?” what sort of question is that! “No I booked a really cr*p holiday!!! What is worse is if you’re not, as we are not, going anywhere exotic you say “No just Pembrokeshire!”

So we are off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow and no it’s not just Pembrokeshire because it looks really fab. So we are all packed and excited and it will be nice to have a break away.

We are renting out a rather cute little cottage that’s a bit in the sticks with no Wifi so I will have a little time a way from my cyber side of life.

It is always to tempting to check emails and a scoot around hootsuite and see what is going on. Though when I get back my inbox no doubt will be as big as the washing pile and the pile of bills on the door mat, but at least I would have had a week just concentrating on my family. Though you may see me having a sneaky peek if the dongle behaves itself.

The dogs are coming too, so that will mean lots of walks. We are staying right by the Preselis mountains the cottage we are staying in sits in 2 1/2 acres with a stream so that might be interesting with one of my water loving dogs!!!

Well we are all packed, books and pen, pencils and paper instead of the laptop (well I am packing it but….) and to be honest I am looking forward to the break from the cyber world though my tippy tappy fingers as my children call them may get itchy!

The children are all excited, they have requested fishing nets so I can see them hanging around in the stream and yes another escape just allowing them to be kids the way kids should be.

So ladies fingers crossed for the weather. I hope you all have a fantastic week and after this week it is only another week before the summer holidays which I am really looking forward too.

Have fun x

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