October – Sunny days, cosy evenings and being content


I really can not believe it is October already. The last part of September was wasted on some rotten bug, which until this week left me wiped out! So, yet again I am chasing my tail, trying, as usual, to sort out our rather demanding household with all their needs. Whilst wondering how everyone else copes and doesn’t just find themselves in a huddle in the corner!

But, thankfully my energy is closest to normal as it goes and wow is it another sunshiny day! I totally love sunny Autumn days. Everything looks gorgeous. The combination of the sun, blue sky, colours and a hint of a chill in the air. Is a recipe for an energy boost for me. As much as I love the summer, personally really hot day’s drain me. Whereas Autumn sunny day’s give me a boost. Then the evening get’s chillier and darker then my natural instinct then is to rest. Get an early night and catch up on the sleep I need. Where as in the summer you feel it is such a waste going to bed early when there is still warmth in the air. Of course after a hot day usually equals a hot night. Which ironically means less sleep!


Naturally, I am a cosy down sort of person. So an hour or two under a blanket in the evening is quite frankly perfect to me! Cam, my husband is decorating our bathroom. So the windows have been open to dry the paint. Leaving the house a bit chilly in the evening. Last night though, getting into bed it felt so warm and snug. I took a moment to really enjoy that cosy, warm and safe feeling. But also remind myself that not everyone has that and to feel grateful that I do.

Sometimes, the small stuff we easily take for granted. But really it is this small stuff that is the big stuff that keeps us at our most contented. Feeling warm and safe. A good meal inside you and a nice hot drink. Good company, fresh air and things that make you smile. Being helpful and kind. It is all small stuff that ultimately makes us feel at our happiest.


Autumn means cosy warm food. More baking as Summer I just do not bake as much. Cooler days require more fuel. There is still lots of gorgeous colourful veg and fruit around. Roasted pepper and tomato soup is a favourite here at the moment. Below, is the roasted veg waiting to be blasted into a smooth soup! I picked up some nectarines, yesterday and part of me is tempted to roast them! The other part of me whats to keep the freshness of the fruit and just bite into it!


I have the urge to make chutney and maybe some plum jam before all the autumn fruit disappears. I do long for a pantry, I have to be honest. As I look in my cupboard at the jars I have collected, I really think I should fill them.



In the meantime, I am going to join my plants still holidaying in the garden with a cup of tea and enjoy the Autumn sunshine at its best.



2 comments on “October – Sunny days, cosy evenings and being content

  1. Susan Mann
    October 6, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    What a lovely way to spend autumn. It is a beautiful month and lovely colours. I do like the darker cosier evenings too xx

    • Ali
      October 11, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      Getting cosy it a big bonus isn’t it! xxx

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