Nearly a whole week being veggie

Bex and I went into town yesterday and we were caught by the waft of bacon, but did it get to me ?

No, although it did smell very nice! So last night we had burgers, chickpea, courgette, red pepper, carrot, onion, garlic, fresh herbs and a bit of korma paste oh and an egg yolk was all that was needed.

Home made beef burgers is a Dad and Oscar speciality. Oscar likes to have all the trimmings to make it more of a Krabby Patty (Sponge Bob!) including seeded buns. This is one of Oscar’s favourite meals so when I mentioned it was veggie burgers he was not quite convinced.

I have to say the veggie ones are not only delicious, but all eaten up and enjoyed by all. Ozzie did say he did prefer beef burgers but fair enough he still loved these, so we can add these to the menu in the Over A Cuppa household. Came in at a guess at least £1 cheaper to make than the meatie alternatives but equally took easily three times longer to prepare. Mind I usually have the night off from the kitchen if burgers are on the menu so will have to show them how to make this recipe. I can hear the grumbles now, “Far to much chopping up here!” so maybe I just add it to my selection !

It is a grey day so I am glad I planned roast, I am aiming for a nut roast with all the trimmings. That reminds me put cranberry sauce on the shopping list as that is lovely with nut roast.

Yes indeed off shopping in a bit, badly planned for a Sunday but we are off to Legoland tomorrow so need to pick up a few bits and I have a lovely lady staying to look after our dogs while we are away (kennels all booked up, lucky escape for dogs!) so better leave her a few nice things to nibble !

Right I needed to get out of here, dogs to walk, house to tidy (down side of having some one to stay instead of kennels!), shopping to be done and I need to dig out my nut chopper thingy not sure my blender is up to it. It’s been grumbling a bit lately I know the feeling, it is feeling its age and over use, bit like me !!!

Have a great Sunday and may catch up briefly tomorrow (see I really do type it out fresh !!!) have a long beach walk planned tomorrow come rain or shine. To tire out the dogs before we leave and to tire out the children before we have a rather a long journey ahead of us.

Cornwall to the bright lights, how many “are we nearly there yet” am I going to get. My guess 10 (!) I am a optimist what do you think ? x

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