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National Trust school holiday activities

I have kept meaning to do one of the holiday activities that the National Trust run, but never seemed to had made it to one. So when I saw they were doing bug house and bird nest box building, I knew Oscar would love this so I popped it straight on the calendar.

The sun was fighting with the clouds a bit yesterday and the wind was being rather mean so the picnic I planned pre-building, ( I got carried away with the warm days before!)  was changed to cheese and onion on toast before we left.

Bug house buildingI really had no idea what to expect from the activity so when we arrived the examples of the houses and nest box were pretty impressive. Could we really make one like that? Everything was ready in kit form, all impressively organised. Oscar is keen on bugs so it was the bug house building we were interested in. They had loads of bits to add to the bug house once you built the outer house. That was the pretty bit as I called it so I let the ‘boys’ get on with the more rugged stuff with tools. Playing the ‘girl’ card is always a good one but really it was because my hands were too cold to take them out my pockets!!! Obviously I could have knocked up several of them no problem at all!!!

National trust

The National Trust is very well kitted out with tools, which my husband seemed to be enjoying using equally if not more than Oscar!!! Once the outer house was built it was time to furnish for the bugs. There was a great selection to choose from including different cones, shells, teazles, variety of sticks some of course hollow like Bamboo etc and pieces of bark etc.

National Trust bug house building

The top-level was used for the hollow sticks mainly which were wedged in so they stayed in place. The bottom floor was cones, shells, bark and a few sticks. Then Cam got to use the rugged staple gun as it was a bit tough for Oscar and put a wire front on the bottom floor to stock the bits coming out.

Oscar's bug house

To be honest I thought it looked mighty fine and sure the bugs will love to make it their home. Cam and Oscar had so much fun they built another one. This time one on a stick which we will place in our garden next to wear the wild flowers grow in a mini wild flower bit.

The guys that were helping out were really helpful and made it a really fun activity.

So I will definitely look out for more things to do with the National Trust in the near future.

Our local National Trust is the North Cornwall one but do check out activities near you by visiting the National Trust website. The National Trust do some fantastic things and are far more than just stately homes.

Highly recommend and at £2 a bug house it was a real bargain too. Plus we will be giving a good few bugs a lovely home and of course the money goes back in to National Trust conservation projects too. As you can see it was especially enjoyed by ‘boys’ of the house!!!

Proud bug house builders with the wind in their hair!!!


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