My Sunday waffles

I am writing this on Saturday as the sun is supposed to be out in total full shine on Sunday and I fully intend to make the most of it.

The week has been rather gorgeous full stop and as I type the sun is pouring in to the kitchen which is rather hot.

This week has been rather busy, but in between times I have been enjoying reading all the different Cybermummy posts, though yet to read them all.

Mummy from the Heart, Mostly yummy Mummy and Alexandra Residence to name but a few.

Then Mummmy from the heart post yesterday about her quandary of her blogs made me think and I thought this could be my Sunday waffle.

It was good timing as stress, I did two sponsored posts in a row. Not my intention at all, I won’t go in to details but it was meant to be a week spaced apart, but anyway say no more!

Here I was stressing and just hoping enough of me was in the post, I re-read once published and I kind of hoped there was. I mean that to me is the point.

There were lots of comments by people on their Cybermummy blog posts as to why they blog, so here it is for me.

I joined BAM back in January and as you know Erica is very big on blogging. You all know her I am sure and if not you do from the Travel Lodge if you went to Cybermummy. Those photo’s made me smile Erica !!!

So I do have a little online business actually it is little as it is called The Little Octopus, anyway apparently I needed a blog so Over a Cuppa was born.

Business blog big fail here because I really didn’t mention the business, but I found it was  really great to just write and meet so many great people too. So Over a Cuppa is now my blog and not about business at all. Though I really must add my own advertisement. Business woman slacker, yep the pointy fingers pointing at me. Oh I can hear what Alan Sugar would say.

The reason I joined Bam was also to increase the ways I could earn some income. My main aim is that I am there for my children at school holidays, after school, days when they are poorly etc. So if you have people who pay you to write a post, well a blog is another way to earn money and to be honest what a nice way to do it.

Statistics, when I first started every morning I look at them now very rarely . At the end of the day my blog is not yet 4 months old so I know I am just beginning.

So now I have to think up a business blog, which is so hard because it is.Though I have done one post but….

In the meantime I am happy where my blog is at, a great place to hang out for your mind, share a few recipes and plan things. I also like the challenge of the sponsored post because your given something to work off and it’s great how you have to think about it and how it is relevant to me and my readers.

So that’s me and why I blog here for the moment and also written this just in case you thought two sponsored post in a row a bit much, see I also do really care what people think.

After reading the Cybermummy posts and really thinking about it, I really hope to see you there next year x

Have a fantastic Sunday, you will find me at the beach 🙂



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