Mumsnet Rules Book

Mumsnet has brought out a new book written by Natasha Joffe and Justine Roberts and priced at £12.99 (Hardback).

The Mumsnet Rules is drawn from the message board of the Mumsnet site and knowing how useful advice is from other parents. This is a book of do’s and don’ts and a book to make you laugh and realise parenting can be a real minefield.

So should we use rules when parenting. We all need rules including us parents and rules make us all feel safe to a certain extent. I think rules really need to fit you and your family and not what someone else tells you.

Interesting enough co-author Natasha Joffe mentions in her foreword that when her baby was six weeks old and she found herself still having very little sleep. She turned to a book hoping for the answer. A book that then made her feel she had done everything wrong and her baby should sleep, eat and practically poo at a set time! A book with rules which when she tried to follow left her baby and herself inconsolable.

For my sister, she followed a book on these lines. Being a very organised person and one who herself likes routine this worked well for her. Toby her now 6 year old son is a happy contented and confident child, as he was baby and toddler too.

This goes to show what work for one does not necessarily work for another, for me that sort of regime would be my worst nightmare but for Heather,Bill and Toby it worked.

So we go back to rules, yes we need rules but we don’t all need the same ones. Rules should be set and changed to suit your family and no-one else.

Here are a few of Mumsnet golden rules and what I think of them:

1. Don’t heed to the gurus.

Totally agree, your the guru of your family. Listen to advice, try things out but listen to yourself most of all.

2. Do cut your children’s hair.

Personally never had a problem with this, slight raise of eyebrow here but if you have a child that hates having their hair brushed. Well yes good idea to have it cut but only if it is a boy. (Personal experience, had very short boy hair cut as child did hate it, love having my hair brushed!)

3. Don’t give up work for your children.

Personal level, I was happy to, but if people are career minded then staying at home and being unhappy will help no-one.

4. Do bribe and corrupt children through exams.

Well it might work !!!

5. Don’t let them dress like a Ho.

What is a Ho, googled it still don’t know! Maybe I do let mine children dress like one and just don’t know it. Worth getting the book just to check that out.

6. Do be hypocritical about swearing.

Bl**dy h*ll I don’t swear.

7. Never buy your child a guinea-pig.

Oh but they are so cute! One left, and yes I am chief feeder, mucker outer, hello little Guinea-pig person. Perhaps they have a point.

So there are a few of themumsnet’s golden rules. All of which could as the good old saying goes get broken!  Which is exactly why this book will hit the right notes with many of us. As an extra bonus it has a “How to make a very classy Easter bonnet out of a KFC bucket”, giving you a indication of what sort of book this is, one to enjoy.

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All of the writing is my own and done is my usual Over A Cuppa style of complete honesty.

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