Monday Mutters

Oooh lovely it’s a sunny Monday morning. Even better we are still in the Summer holidays so Monday morning aren’t so bad.

School term Mondays I really do not like, it is the start of ‘what is going to happen this week?’ Then I look forward to Friday 3.40 from precisely Monday 8.15, with a few breathers in between.

Anyway let’s not think about that now. This week is a busy week, I have loads of catching up to do before Saturday when I go to stay at my brothers with Bex until Weds evening. Oz is staying at home to have some one to one time with his Dad and he doesn’t do ‘family’ like Bex does.

As much as he loves the rest of his family and more so I know he will miss me ( he is a great cuddler and I am the main cuddle giver in this house!), but I know he will have a fab few days with Cam. Bex will enjoy some one to one with me, mainly on the train as I know she will slip into loving big cousin mode as soon as we enter my brother’s house!!!

I will snatch a occasional cuddle from her when she is completely worn out by her 4 and 2 year old cousins.

But until then the rest of the week seems quite full on too. My oldest (not in years!) best friend from school is staying near by so will be meeting up with her and her brood of 3 girls including twins.

I have 2 nights out planned (yes life really begins at 40!!!), one with my best friend who lives here and a curry evening with my female friend version of Jamie Oliver who makes wonderful food and make it look so easy!

She makes gorgeous onion bhajis and just the thought of those is making my mouth water even at, time check 6.45a.m.

Yep, I am sat here with my morning tea bleary eyed typing this! The last week or so I haven’t even woken until 7.30 at the earliest, but this week to catch up I am going to ease my butt out of bed by 6 a.m. to give me at least an hour and a half of peace.

When the house is quiet you can get so much more done, but I like this sort of quiet knowing they are all here, but just sleeping.

I am more of a morning person and love to hit the bed to chillax (my daughter will hate me for saying that) chillax is an uncool word now so is cool for that matter!!! Anyway back to the morning thing, yep I do prefer early moring to late nights. Though I love late nights when something is happening!

Right I hear floorboards creaking so my peace time is up. Note achieved, typed this, read some blogs that came through, did some comments, some comments disappeared into spam folders (sob!), sorted emails, one funny one from sister always good way to start a Monday morning.

Worth getting up early for??? Big stretch of course 🙂


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