Monday Mutters – Way’s to clear the blog fog


I am just back from my morning dog walk. It is a bit grey out there but briefly the sun tried to appear and it actually felt a little warm. Thoughts that Spring is actually quite close, a deep breath and I decided I would come back here and type.

I take a epic time to do a post. It is mad and probably because my head is permanently whirring with too many things. But very rarely the house is also quiet. I am alone this morning, apart from the dogs and they are happily dozing after their walk.

I hate blog fog, after all I love this space. It creates a income for me and well I hope that when people read this they take away something. Even if it is just a smile!

This week I join the gorgeous and oh so organised, wise, generous, focused Aby on her ~MomsBossSquad Blog Growth Accelerator course  I feel every so often you have to invest in your blog and this course is great value for money. Despite this year being my 7th blogging anniversary I still have way to travel before I am a successful blogger as such in my eyes or anyone’s! Ha, perhaps the blog fog is to do with the 7 year itch, not thought of that before typing that out!

Whilst experincing my ‘Blog Fog’ I have tried to keep on top of visiting Instagram and posting not daily but regularly. Instagram is my favourite social media network by far. It not only is filled with pretty pictures and stuff that makes you hungry or smile it also is a friendly network of lovely people. I also love with a hashtag you can attract people from all over the world. You really can’t get bored on Instagram. So my plan is also to build on this world too and learn some more ways to use it. Recently I did update my phone so it makes Instagram far easier as before I was on the beta Instagram…yes don’t go there! But still feel Instagram is tuned in for i phones more or maybe that is just me? I know my Instagram marketing needs improvement but also glad my feed does reflect me, though perhaps too many dogs photo’s! You can check out my Instagram and follow me if you fancy. You will see that the gorgeous blue sky photo above was taken at the weekend. Happy sunny Saturday!

Though out my blog fog I have been reading recipe book, after recipe book to get more inspiration. I think I need to hang up the thought my recipes can be completely original as all recipes are based on something. I struggle a bit with that as when I come up with a idea, Google it to check it and there are several pages of it within that theme, my heart does sink.


I also thought I would get some blogging inspiration from a couple of magazines. If I could design a reflective blog on a magazine I think it would be like ‘The Simple Things’ magazine. So, I have picked this up today to give me inspiration to make a forward plan for this little space. With that the Blogosphere magazine jumped out at me. A magazine for bloggers, written by bloggers. A fair few names I do know in there and more that I don’t. So looking forward to making a cuppa and reading these later.

Tomorrow, I am going ingredients shopping to play around with some recipes too and get my act together again with that!

So, I think that is a few things that are helping me get motivated and hoping the 7 year itch really isn’t kicking in!

Happy Monday x



2 comments on “Monday Mutters – Way’s to clear the blog fog

  1. 76sunflowers
    January 31, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Hope you bought lots of lovely new ingredients and cooked up a storm! I’ve had a blog fog too – away from Project 365 – but am hoping some new projects and ventures in 2017 will reignite the blogging fuse. The blogosphere mag looks interesting. I’ve just unsubscribed to the Simple Things and am going to try something new magazine wise this year – a change is always good 🙂

    • Ali
      January 31, 2017 at 9:46 pm

      Ha, bought the ingredients yet to cook up a storm with them. I love reading your Project 365 and actually thought I wished I had joined in this year. Yes new projects and ventures always reignite me too…though you have other exciting new ventures to concentrate on too. Where as my blog fog is mostly caused by yearning to do a new venture too. Shall let you know my thoughts on Blogosphere and yes good to change up magazines too. This is my first The Simple Things I have actually bought. Strangely hovered over the vegan mags but needed blogging inspiration for the feel I what to create so my choice was wise! 🙂 xxx

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