Monday Mutters – The run up to Christmas


Wow, a week today it will be Boxing day!

Can you believe it is nearly Christmas, this year has flown by so quickly. This last week I have been fighting off then been hit by what I call a ‘sitting’ tummy bug. I realise whilst telling people this as I religiously walk the dogs and trying to minimise contact, that calling it a sitting tummy bug could be a mistake! I think by their expressions they thought I was being crass and missing out the ‘sh’ sound! Hey ho, it amused me and that it was it is. It sits there in your tummy making you feel poorly for longer as it doesn’t exit from either end!


Anyway enough off that talk, Christmas is coming and we are all busy. I have amazingly enough pretty much finished my Christmas shopping…I think! My list is missing in action somewhere (*last seen above) so I can’t be quite sure but I think bar a couple of things we are done! Nothing though is wrapped up. My mission is to do this before the 23rd having said that I have things arriving on the 24th so my plans are stuffed already.


But despite perhaps the lack of organisation and feeling less than 100%, I feel relatively calm and in control. I plan a few bits out with my teens, definitely some baking and over Christmas some down time. Of course I have a long ‘I must do this before Christmas list’ but if it doesn’t get done well that is cool. Dogs have the right idea and I love my dogs for making me stop and give them cuddles!

The reason I love to get things done before Christmas, food organised, house tidy(ish), menu’s planned is I LOVE IT when the shops close on Christmas eve and I don’t plan to go anywhere near shops until at least the milk runs out on the 27th/28th! I love that thought of having everything in we need. Whilst reading my The Little Book of Hygge (love this book) I realise yet again I am naturally a hygge kind of person! The mention of the mad preparation of before Christmas has to happen in order for the ‘ahhhhh’ cosying down to follow. You can’t have the ‘ahhhhh’ without the ‘arggggghhhh’. So if you are this moment reading this, feeling stressed, feeling you will never get it done before Christmas (or is that just me?) then this feeling will equal a good ‘ahhhhh’ once Christmas is here. Do you feel better now?

Most of all when the Christmas madness gets a little too much. Grounding yourself with what is really important is a way to stop and think. For me Christmas marks times of huge sadness but with that I truly treasure the memories I have that contained huge happiness.


Our Christmas tree is ever filled with love, not just the hearts I have collected of a spam of 25 years. But presents from my sister that will always be treasured.


I know if she was here to read this, she would be laughing very much about my ‘sitting tummy bug’ mistake. Rather like the feeling of ‘ahhhhh’ at Christmas, true sadness is only followed after true happiness and I know this year I have seen lots of people struggling. So this actually is for you as well as a reminder to myself.

I am winding down here for Christmas. I shall share a delicious Christmas breakfast recipe made, photographed, eaten and enjoyed but still on my ‘to do’ list to write up and then looking forward to a pretty much blog free break until the New Year. Though I want to share with you my online heroes of 2016 that have made my year a easier one and some that have helped me appreciate remembering the happiness and another who made my present buying much less stressful simply as Christmas was pretty much paid for!




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