Monday Mutters – Remember how far you have come


I can not believe it is February already. Last week as I mentioned meant the start of the lovely Aby’s Blog Growth Accelerator course. I already had a mental block on it. Printed everything out on Saturday whilst a lot of people were already getting stuck in on the 1st of February, I will be honest I only have just this morning set aside time to get started.

But the point is I have made a start. My brain currently resembles mashed potato..well in my minds eyes! But writing stuff down, getting it out my of mind mash, is really helping.

Fear of failure comes down to a lot of my procrastination. Aby talks a lot about the importance of getting out your comfort zone. Whilst I will happily and regularly get out of my past comfort zones, pushing myself to reach success is something that I seem to have a block on.


Last week found me doing a mega sort out. Our bedroom is finally been decorated and is looking so much better! There are things like the Susan Jeffers book, has moved house with me at least four times. I have had it since I was 20, alongside a note book, full of notes from a course I once did.



It was a confidence building course. At a time when my life was racked with fear and I could not go from A-B without having a massive panic attack. The course incidentally did not help. I kept the notes of a reminder of a time that was not good. I guess keeping them gave me strength I came through that. The Feel the Fear and do it anyway book is leaving me. I have yet to dispose of the notes, I am not quite sure why.

Recently I learned that actually feeling the fear and doing it anyway, is actually a load of rubbish and quite frankly hard work! It actually never worked for me and to be honest I hate that feeling of fear and anxiety.

So, I have to let go of the feeling of fear of failure and move on. Or that is the idea anyway. That does not just mean me here, growing my blog some more but in many aspects of my life.

Making it more of a success of my blog is first up. There are so many blogs out there it is daunting to keep up. It is a blog eat blog world. I joke, part of blogging is about community and have to confess I have been sidetracked off that. Simply due to the fact my brain has been sidetracked off onto other things too.



But sorting through things, creating more physical space and finding things. Has given me a reminder of actually have far I have come. Finding the photo of my previous dog, Josh made my eyes prick with memories. A great dog, who literally gave me a reason to stay on this planet in some very dark times.  Sometimes you need to look back and just see how far you have come. It is all to easy to just look at the now, even though we are ever told these days to live in the now. Looking back and looking forward will give you momentum and strength that you wouldn’t get if you just looked at the now.

So, I guess my blog post today, is to remind you to look back sometimes. The list of your strengths, successes and ‘yay’ moments are most probably much longer than you think.


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