Monday Mutters – Catching up


I really am not sure what happened to the Summer and let’s be honest here, the spring too. It was great giving myself time off from here. I needed a break though can not really promise I am back blog revived and revitalised! It was the longest gap I have ever had on from my  blog in over 7 years.  With my re-newal for another year of this little or actually big and getting expensive space. I felt I needed to get back here and well type.

Looking back I really should of spent my time doing more productive things. Like loads of cooking, baking and getting over my dislike of getting my studio lights out (especially with the added problem of a blind dog and too little space…!) and my big girls camera without the pressure to share it with anyone!


But of course I did not. I have not been lounging around, sipping tea all day or swanning off to exciting places. I have just continued my always busy life with my very hectic household. But with college returns despite somewhat eractic hours, a new job for my husband coming up, I am hoping to carve out some time to be back here and maybe even some time to decide what I want to be when I have grown up! Yes, 46 now and I still have yet to work this one out but am always so grateful to have the choice.


Despite the massive disruption of our terribly loud neighbours, the summer was a good one. No major diasters (always good), four birthday’s in our now five people household. I turned into a Mum of a adult as Bex turned 18! I know so ridiculous is this, as in my heart I am still just a little bit older than that myself!


Oscar turned 16, I turned 46 only in real years which I am ever grateful for the gift of getting older as far too many do not get that gift. Connor (Bex’s boyfriend) turned 20 making the last and final birthday to our household of 2017!



This year was our first year of our allotment and it has given us plenty of things to eat and enjoy. With some smiles with wonky veg, I call the below carrots Adam & Eve! It such a great place to escape to and despite aching after digging and weeding just being there and having the space to think and breathe is worth the aches and pains!



Without a doubt Autumn is upon us. Though not offically for a couple of weeks, yes we are still in Summer! I rather like the cosiness of Autumn. Though my internal clock does try and get me to go in hibernation mode and makes me feel sleepier than usual!


I am looking forward to enjoying more comforting food, getting moving to keep warm. I would like to increase my general fitness levels from more than yoga and walking miles. I still have a road block when it comes to planning things, a fear from my younger years which I did begin to crack last year.


This year, I began gathering pine cones in a rather obsessive manner! Planning to make Autumn and Christmas things. They were drying out beautifully in the warm weather and I failed to bring them in the dry so I now have tightly closed cones again! I do though have a decorative bird cage filled with fully dry ones which does look rather nice!

I think I will find myself on Pinterest to get inspired what to do with the many cones. The house needs a major de-cluttering at the moment. It suddenly seems to have filled up and I am sure a lot is just unwanted clutter. It will be good to get it done before the dark evenings are here and the time of year being inside is more important than being out.

So with that thought before my two come home from college perhaps the de-cluttering should commence!



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