Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning Monday

I missed last week and this week is easy as I only have to cook for 4 days and then we are away for the weekend on a surprise visit. *Does a happy dance* very excited. Now typing this just remembered it is Valentines day on Thursday, ooops do you think homemade burgers are good enough?!!! May have to re-think but we will be eating yummy food over the weekend so think I will get away with it. Light a few candles and of course I will peeping across the table through all the flowers I would have received!!!

So on to the menu for 4 days (yay):

Monday – Homemade pizza and naked coleslaw

Tuesday – Shrove Tuesday so savoury pancakes and curried parsnip soup

Wednesday Broccoli and cream cheese pasta and salad

Thursday – Romantic homemade burgers (with no horse meat in), salad and spicy wedgies with a rose petal or two on the side.

Friday – Away *Waves hands in the air*

Saturday – Away *Does further happy dance*

Sunday – Away *Run around the house screaming* okay you caught me out I didn’t run around the house.

And I won’t be back till late on Monday…..

I have linked up with ‘At Home with Mrs M’ on her ‘Meal planning Monday’ pop over to see what everyone else is eating this week.



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