Meal Planning Monday

Meal planningOn the whole I do the shopping see what is on offer and tempts me, then plan meals around that. One reason to meal plan was to save money and feel less stressed by organising one part of my life. The latter does work but not so sure I have saved money. Though of course hard to say as food pricing have gone up and up all year!!!

So now I am going to plan meals then shop, with the hope of buying what we need to make those meals will mean:

a) I stick to the meal plan. No  ‘that seems a lot of hassle tonight’  kind of thing!!!

b) Save money

c) Mean less waste. I hate to throw food away but there always seems to be a half pot of natural yoghurt, some limp veg and something which I missed the date on.

This week I have stuck to some family favourites as it nice to have things you know will go down well, especially in January and it is back to the school grime!!!

So slightly boring but it will all be eaten and enjoyed we have:

Monday: Homemade pizza and salad

Tuesday: Smokey sausage and bean casserole and rice

Wednesday: Homemade vegetable and bean burgers, potato wedgies and naked coleslaw

Thursday: Pasta ‘a la’ red. Otherwise know as tomato based sauce with pasta. Salad.

Friday: Spinach omelette, jacket potatoes, baked tomatoes and broccoli

Saturday: Any day of the week chicken curry, rice and naan bread.

Sunday: Spicy meatloaf, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots and broccoli. With onion gravy.

So that is my week planned or the food at least. I have linked up with At home with Mrs M with her ‘Meal Planning Monday. Pop over there and see what everyone else has planned.



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