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Meal Planning Monday

meal planning mondayI am yet again not sure where that week has gone and it’s meal planning Monday again!!! Now the Summer holidays are racing nearer the end and I haven’t even brought the school uniform or any of the new things Oscar will need for secondary school. I have been in a bit of belief that the holidays will keep on going and we might have moved house but they are not going to and there is no sight of moving either!!! But I will put that out of my mind,  Oz and I are going camping for a couple of nights. Not exactly a holiday but a bit of a break and no wi-fi either or more to the point I won’t take any devices for it 🙂

So Bex will be back from ‘Beautiful day’s’ (I am typing this in the wee small hours waiting for her to arrive home!) so the roast which was planned for tonight *looks at clock* last night will happen today because of above!!! *Looks at clock again* do I really want to make a roast when I know by the time 3 ‘0’ clock hits I will not fancy making one!!! Rubbish with late nights these days especially as I know I will be up early, my body clock refuses to comply with lie ins!!!

Anyway back to the task in hand the meals we have planned for the week are going to be:

Monday: Roast  chicken (yes it is!) all the trimmings, yummy homemade gravy and apple and blackberry crumble for pudding.

Tuesday: Pasta with cream cheese sauce. As mentioned last week I was sent some Boursin so will be trying out the new sun-dried tomato one and turning it into a yummy sauce 🙂

Wednesday: Plan to be camping so something that you can cook on two rings? Yes haven’t a clue or perhaps pub meal (cheating yes!)

Thursday: Pub meal 🙂 still camping and you know it’s a treat.

Friday: Home again, Turkey mince ‘thai ed’ up, lots of veggies (may be lacking after camping!) and rice.

Saturday: Mini naked Quiches AKA mini oven baked omelette’s. I like mini ones as everyone can choose what goes in their own ones, but will be veggie and they all go in the oven at the same time so easier than in a pan!!! Serve with salad and fresh bread.

Sunday: In for a penny in for a pound more Boursin and this time it will be made up the stuffing for chicken breasts. I am currently thinking breadcrumbs, onions and maybe mushrooms to join the cheese then wrap bacon around to keep it together. Served with roasted new potatoes and veg.

Then it will be Monday again and I will really need to think about uniforms!!! Any camping menu idea’s that won’t stress me too much let me know, I really should make one cooked meal camping shouldn’t I?

Baking I will be trying out an experiment recipe with blackberries, making savoury muffins which I have been adding grated carrot and courgette to makes them very yummy!!!  We will take some camping and some banana muffins too. Yes I know I am only going for two nights but just in case I can’t get the gas to work or something like that!!!

I have linked up with the lovely At Home with Mrs M meal planning Monday, pop over there to see what everyone else has planned and join in too if you like 🙂

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