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Meal Planning Monday

It’s Monday again and I am feeling rather full as it was Oscar birthday yesterday. His choice of lunch was cheeses, salad and dips, which of course you always just eat too much of. Then of course you must have a slice of birthday cake and maybe another slice as it was so yummy!!! Then finished off with as requested by Ozzie homemade Burgers, salad and spicy potato wedges which I made with new potatoes and have to say were really nice. Then of course one of those little mini sponge cakes I made with a cup of tea in the evening and well you now can see as I type this I don’t feel I need to eat for a week.

But of course we will, so loosen the jeans (yes it’s a bit rainy here today so back in jeans 🙁 !) and here is what we will be eating.

Monday: Spag bowl nice and easy everyone loves and I has some fresh parsley in the fridge so will add that for a really fresh taste.

Tuesday:New potato, spinach and mushrooms hash (ish) I will keep the potatoes in chunks though. I may add bacon or keep it veggie and add an egg on top!

Wednesday: Homemade Pizza and salad

Thursday: Spicy sausage Pilaf ( this is a recipe in Good food this month so thought I give it a go as all the house now likes rice (finally).

Friday: Turkey Tortilla’s. I will make a spicy turkey mince, then spread over the whole tortilla, if it’s a hot day I will add shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and spring onion then roll into to make it into swiss roll shape. If it’s grey out will do above but not the lettuce, pop the rolled tortilla into a ovenproof dish then sprinkled with cheese and pop in the oven for 10 minutes.

Saturday: Roast (Having roast today as hoping to be out for the day on Sunday)

Sunday: Chick pea and courgette veggie burgers. This is an Ainsley Harriot recipe from his barbeque Bible. They are gorgeous even for those who love meat and can be made ahead and popped in the fridge to cook later.

So that is my weeks menu. One of my regular readers Carolyn whose blog is The Hurt Healer  is getting her daughters to choose something from my menu to get them to try new things. As you can imagine this is a huge compliment and from previous years of making different meals (or in Oscar case sandwiches and salad) I know it so great getting everyone eating the same meals. Sometimes I worry my meals sound a bit boring but trust me the bliss of making everyone the same dinner well it worth being a bit boring for!!!

Don’t forget to pop over to At home Mrs M – Meal planning Monday link up and see what everyone else is planning.


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