Love and hate of decluttering

In the last day or so I have been doing a bit of decluttering and general blitzing of the house. Yesterday afternoon brought the ‘Linen cupboard’  the name ‘linen cupboard’ conjures up images of Egyptian cotton sheets and soft fluffy towels. The reality of course is perhaps slightly different! The fact that you needed an avalanche warning when getting out a fresh towel will give you more of a true picture.

This is my dream linen cupboard - not mine! Image credit

Now I admit that hoarding is one of my stronger traits. That perhaps I was a hamster or a squirrel in a former life is quite likely. So sorting through this cupboard brings me some dilemmas. The Thomas the Tank engine, mermaid, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger duvet set’s will never be used by my two again but you know you never know when you might need them……

The logical part of me say’s the charity shop or to my youngest nephew, not the mermaid one though!!! The hang on to everything sentimental part of me argues with the logical part. So which part won, yes sorry the sentimental part on this occasion. Now I hear you shout “But your decluttering!” well yes but hear me out.

The dogs have now got some new towels, Shrek and Donkey wash mitts saw the bin 🙁 Flannels that lingered at the back of the cupboard are now re-named old rags. Tired sheets are now ready to be used for decorating sheets and above all of this the cupboard now looks reasonably in order.

I now can open the cupboard and reach for a towel without needing the use of a hard hat and when the door opens I mentally go ahhhh instead of a shoulder sinking ohhhhh!!!

Yep I could get used to this decluttering thing, as long as I can keep hold of a few bit’s!!!!

I was of course going to take a photo of my linen cupboard but the batteries on the camera had ran out!!! True honest 🙂



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